BTS Jimin Solo Album: Release Date, Big HIT statement, upcoming projects and more

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BTS Jimin Solo Album: After successful solo projects of BTS members RM, Jhope and Jin, the ‘With You’ singer Jimin is all set for his solo album. It was rumored last year that Jimin will be releasing his solo album in February 2023 and looks like the rumors are true. Recently, the BTS singer released a song titled ‘VIBE’ in collaboration with another Kpop idol Taeyang. The song instantly topped the charts and went viral. Now, fans have been waiting for Jimin to drop more solo songs. Big HIT Music, the company that manages BTS members, also released a statement regarding the same.

BIG HIT Music Statement on BTS Jimin Solo Album

BTS Jimin’s songs as a solo artist is much awaited this year. Fans have been speculating that the solo album of the singer will be released sooner rather than later. In order to put the speculations to an end, Big HIT Music addressed the rumours but did not confirm or deny anything. The agency stated, “We will release the schedule after everything has been confirmed.”

BTS Jimin on Solo Album

Earlier, while wishing ARMY on New Year, BTS Jimin had talked about his upcoming projects. He said that he is busy with his music and is excited to bring something new to the table for his fans. He also asked the ARMY to look forward to their work. Jimin also expressed his longing to meet the fans and sing with them in concerts. He said, I just hate worrying you, hate making you wait and I feel sorry about it and yet I’m thankful to you and I miss you and I want to do better (for you) and I’m just spending this year that way and sending it off everyone.”

BTS Jimin Upcoming Projects

Jimin recently collaborated with Big Bang’s Taeyang for their song ‘VIBE’. The song attracted much attention and its reels have been going viral on the internet. He is also expected to release his solo album soon. On the other hand, a few months back, The Arcades shared a photo with Jimin as well. It is expected that Jimin will collaborate with the band and release a song soon.

BTS Jimin Solo Songs

Over the years, Park Jimin has not only sung with the Kpop boy band BTS but also released his solo songs and music covers of popular songs that have been much loved by the ARMYs all across the world. His solo songs include Filter, Serendipity, Lie, Promise, Christmas Love among others. He has also release a cover of the song ‘With You’ with Ha Sungwoon. The song was the most popular kpop song of 2022.



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