Drew Barrymore meets her ex Corey Feldman on her show | English Movie News

Earlier this week, Drew Barrymore had Corey Feldman over on her show, The Drew Barrymore Show. The two met after 25 years and remembered the good old days when they dated for a few months as teenagers. “We partied, we didn’t party,” said Barrymore, while Corey replied in the same light vein: “We got sober together, we got un-sober together.”
Both at that time were child actors in Steven Spielberg films and when they first met, Drew was barely past 10 and Feldman was around 13. Feldman recalled that the two met after there was a call from Steven Spielberg’s office telling his grandmother that the little girl from ET, Drew Barrymore, wanted to meet Corey Feldman as she had a crush on him.
It was Drew’s mother, actor and writer Jarid Barrymore, who had co-ordinated their first ‘play-date’ together. Someone then drove them to the movies and neither of them recall the name of the film they watched together as children on that play-date.

“It was so cute,” they both echoed at the show earlier this week. Corey, who was at that time the star of the Goonies, put up an emotional post on his Instagram page where he is known as cdogg22. He said, all in capital letters, “THE AMAZING EMOTIONAL REUNION OF 2 CHILDHOOD SOLDIERS, & SURVIVORS OF FAME & FILM. WHAT AN AMAZINGLY EMOTIONAL VISIT W MY LONG LOST FRIEND! 4 ANY1 WHO HAS THE CHANCE PLEASE WATCH 2DAY @drewbarrymore SHOW! IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL WAY 2 WRAP UP MY TRIP 2 NYC!”

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