Here are the 5 movies which had Rakshit Shetty portray different characters

In ‘777 Charlie’, Rakshit Shetty plays Dharma, a loner in a colony, who doesn’t socialize with anyone and is feared among the colony people. His life consists mainly of working at the factory, fighting, booze, smoking and watching Charlie Chaplin shows on TV. He is an orphan, whose parents and sister died in a car crash caused by a dog and thereby leads a monotonous life. How his life goes a big change when a dog named Charlie enters his life. This is one of the huge emotional roles ever played by Rakshit where he keeps showing sadness and pain with his eyes. The chemistry he shares with the dog endeared the audience which was an emotional journey throughout the film. Rakshit gave a stellar performance making the audience weep along with him in the film.

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