Raveena Tandon has ‘forgotten’ about engagement with Akshay Kumar: ‘Everyone moves on’

Image Source : INSTAGRAM/AKSHAYKUMAR Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon got engaged but broke it off

Raveena Tandon has broken her silence about her failed relationship with Akshay Kumar. The two actors hit it off during the shooting of Mohra, which was released in 1994. Their love blossomed on the set and they got engaged only to call it off at a later date. Now, Raveena, who was recently bestowed with the honour of Padma Shri, shared that she has ‘forgotten’ about the time she got engaged with Akshay adding that ‘everyone moves on’. Raveena is married to film distributor Anil Thadani and couple also share a daughter, named Rasha. 

Raveena Tandon her broken engagement with Akshay Kumar   

Raveena Tandon said her name has remained attached to the ‘broken engagement’ and she fails to understand why can’t people move on when both Akshay and she have. They began dating in 1995, after starring together in the 1994 hit film Mohra. According to Raveena, they got engaged in the late 90s. Later, they parted ways. She told ANI in a podcast, “It comes up, and it comes up like there’s a war between everyone whom he’s involved with. Hello, once I had moved out of his life, I was already dating someone else, and he was already dating someone else, so kahan se jealousy ayegi (where will jealousy come from)?”

Raveena said she has ‘forgotten’ exactly when she was engaged to Akshay as she chose to not read anything being written during that time. “We were a hit pair, during Mohra, and even now, when we bump into each other socially, we all meet, we all chat. Everyone moves on. Girls have been changing their boyfriends every week in colleges, but one engagement that has broken is still stuck to my head, I don’t know why. Everyone moves on, people have divorces, they move on, what’s the big deal,” she added. 

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Raveena Tandon lost out on movie roles due to ‘jealous’ Bollywood heroine 

Raveena Tandon revealed how she lost films in the nineties as a co-star’s partner was ‘insecure’. “There was a film that was offered to me for which the original star cast was a very big hit pair and me and another person who was a hit pair. But unfortunately for me, that person who was my co-star in a couple of films, started dating one of the heroines who couldn’t stand me, who had this real competitive jealousy, rivalry with me,” she told ANI in a podcast. 

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