Avatar 3 Will Give Norm A New Journey After Way Of Water Sidelining

Joel David Moore reveals how Avatar 3 and the additional sequels will expand Norm’s journey after the character sat out much of The Way of Water.

After being absent for much of Avatar: The Way of Water, actor Joel David Moore teases Norm’s journey in Avatar 3 and beyond. After 13 years, director James Cameron returned to the world of Pandora with a sequel to his 2009 smash hit. Avatar: The Way of Water continues the story of Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), bringing back a handful of original characters and introducing a number of new ones. The sequel’s huge success at the box office means that the already-filmed third movie will release, in addition to two other sequels.


Although Avatar 3‘s release date is still about two years away, Moore reveals in a recent interview with Yahoo what audiences can expect from Norm and the story more generally in the upcoming sequels. After a somewhat reduced role in Avatar: The Way of Water, Moore affirms that Norm will continue to play a role in the “richer, more robust” storylines of the future movies and that his journey is far from over. Check out Moore’s full comment below:

“My role is really interesting and really fun and it will continue to be fun in the future. The storylines just get richer, more robust. The world of Pandora expands in a really lovely way. I’ve read, obviously, we shot two and three at the same time. And I’ve read four and I’m telling you there is so much joy to come in the world of Avatar. I can’t say too much about the actual storylines, but Norm has a really fun, lovely journey ahead of him.

“It’s not about my small part of this big machine, it’s about everybody coming together and finding the joy of filmmaking in a hybrid between tech and emotional quality. The third film is going to be even more [emotional]. We’re just piling on every time with the emotions because every time that you take that next step with that family, it’s going to be a more emotional journey. And the beautiful thing about that is Jim [Cameron] is never going to leave a question unanswered.”

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What To Expect From Avatar 3

Avatar 2 swimming with new tribe

With the Avatar franchise now confirmed to continue for several more films, it’s clear that the Sully family’s story is really just getting started. Cameron himself has teased that the first movie and Avatar: The Way of Water set the stage for much larger stories to come. While core characters like Jake, Neytiri, Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), Spider (Jack Champion), Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), Tuk (Trinity Bliss), and Quaritch (Stephen Lang) are all expected to return, it was also recently confirmed that Scoresby (Brendan Cowell) and Payakan, Lo’ak’s tulkun, will also be coming back.

In terms of story, it’s been revealed Avatar 3 will blur the lines between good and evil more than previous films, introducing an aggressive and unfriendly fire tribe of Na’vi called the Ash People, which will be led by a new character played by Oona Chaplin. Similarly, it’s been reported that the upcoming third film will also be introducing more friendly humans. Michelle Yeoh’s new character, Dr. Karina Mogue, didn’t feature in the most recent sequel but is expected to appear in some capacity in Avatar 3.

Although all members of the Sully family will stay front and center in Avatar 3, Cameron recently confirmed that Lo’ak will narrate the film instead of Jake. The director went on to explain that the fourth and fifth films will also have different narrators depending upon whose point of view the story is being told from. Many specific story details for Avatar 3 remain unknown, but the ending to the most recent sequel would suggest that the Metkayain’s reef village will continue to play a prominent role, in addition to characters like Tonowari (Cliff Curtis), Ronal (Kate Winslet), and Tsireya (Bailey Bass).

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