Captain America 4 Gets Major Update From Anthony Mackie

Captain America: New World Order has received a significant update from star Anthony Mackie, who takes up the shield from previous lead Chris Evans.

Captain America: New World Order is very close to start shooting, according to leading man Anthony Mackie. Captain America: New World Order will be the fourth entry in the hero’s solo franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mackie’s Sam Wilson takes over the mantle after the Captain America trilogy that starred Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers as the star-spangled hero. Excitement is high for the first images from the movie to start coming out, and a comment by Mackie hints that that might be happening soon.


Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Mackie revealed Captain America: New World Order starts shooting in March.

The actor mentioned that the crew is currently setting up to start work on the franchise’s fourth title, Captain America: New World Order. The movie will mark Mackie’s first time as the lead of an MCU movie, with his Sam Wilson set to be joined by some interesting Marvel characters in the flick. Check out the full quote below:

We start in about two months? March… Yea—two months, we’ll be—what month is this? We start in about a month, my bad. It’s not January. We start in about a month. We’re just kicking it off, and everybody’s getting squared away and ready to go.

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What To Expect From Captain America: New World Order

Captain America New World Order Sam and old Steve

Avengers: Endgame saw Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers go back in time and return as an old man, giving Sam his iconic Captain America shield. The action was clear — Steve chose Sam to become the new Captain America. However, things would not be that simple for Sam. Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show showed the character’s transformation to take on the role, which could be undone if Steve Rogers’ MCU ending was reversed in the new movie.

There have been rumors about Evans’ MCU return ever since a report claimed the actor had signed a new contract with Marvel Studios — which the actor quickly debunked. For now, there is no evidence that Evans has a role in Captain America: New World Order, which is good for Mackie, as it allows his version of Captain America to breathe without a constant comparison with who came before. Besides, there will be plenty of other MCU characters in Captain America: New World Order to keep Sam Wilson occupied. The movie’s villain will be a major throwback to the MCU’s past — the Leader from The Incredible Hulk.

Tim Blake Nelson’s character will return after 16 years from his last MCU appearance, now having turned into a fully realized version of the Leader from Marvel Comics. Nelson reprises his role from The Incredible Hulk in Captain America: New World Order, with rumors surrounding the movie pointing at a heavy Hulk-related plot going on. To support those rumors, the part of Thunderbolt Ross has been recast — following the recent death of actor William Hurt — with Harrison Ford taking on the role. Captain America: New World Order could include Ford as the Red Hulk, one of the many future MCU possibilities for Ford’s take on Ross.

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