Cellphones Are Not Safe In Peak Season Clip [SXSW EXCLUSIVE]

The 2023 SXSW Film Festival kicks into high gear today, and Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive clip from one of the films in its Narrative Spotlights section: Peak Season. Written by Henry Loevner and co-directed by him and Steven Kanter, Peak Season follows Amy & Max, two yuppies from New York who make their way to Jackson Hole for a Wyoming-style vacation. But when Max is too busy working to make time for his fiancée, Amy finds herself drawn to the carefree Loren and wonders if she’ll even return home with Max.


Peak Season stars Claudia Restrepo as Amy, Derrick Joseph DeBlasis as Loren, and Ben Coleman as Max. All three actors worked on Loevner and Kanter’s previous project, The End of Us, so their new film doubles as a family reunion of sorts in the Tetons. Peak Season also stars Fred Melamed (who recently appeared in Hulu’s Reboot), Stephanie Courtney, Will Neff, Caroline Kwan, and Ron Hanks. Check out the exclusive clip below:

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More About Peak Season at SXSW

Loren (Derrick DeBlasis) and Amy (Claudia Restrepo) go tubing – Credit: Tectonics Film, LLC

Screen Rant‘s sneak peek of Peak Season sees Loren teaching Amy to fly fish. She is skeptical about spending hours with a rod and not catching any fish, but Loren quips that she shouldn’t be so “results-oriented.” Things are going swimmingly until Amy accidentally drops her cell phone into the water, but thankfully the spell is not broken for either of them.

In a statement to Screen Rant, directors Henry Loevner and Steven Kanter expressed the importance of Peak Season‘s location: the Tetons, a relatively small but incredibly beautiful mountain range in Wyoming. The film is a love letter to Jackson Hole, and every scene reflects that. Here’s what the filmmakers had to say:

The Tetons were a dream location for our team. Fishing the Snake River, filming broncho riders, spying on wild moose, and chasing lightning storms through the Gros Ventre Wilderness. Some of these vistas are so spectacular, they look CG.

But this story is ultimately an intimate, funny romance. That’s what we wanted to achieve: make a relatable relationship comedy but set in an epic location worthy of a Tolkien novel. We’re so proud of this film and can’t wait to premiere Peak Season at SXSW.

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Peak Season premieres at SXW in the Narrative Spotlight section on March 12, with public screenings through March 14.

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