Chris Hemsworth Gives “Lookalike” Fan The Best Experience

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has an amusing exchange with a fan claiming to be his “lookalike,” and in doing so, delights the fan completely.

Chris Hemsworth banters with his so-called “lookalike” on Twitter, making for a sweet gesture. Hemsworth most recently starred in Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder as the titular character, who he has played since 2011’s Thor. Last year, Hemsworth also appeared alongside Miles Teller in the Netflix crime-drama Spiderhead.

Recently, Hemsworth took to Twitter to respond to an amusing post from a fan claiming to be Hemsworth’s lookalike.


The fan, named Justin, posted a side-by-side picture of himself and Hemsworth and joked, “A bunch of girls told me I look just like Chris hemsworth.” Hemsworth himself reposted the tweet and went along with it, teasingly accusing the user of “posting himself twice.” Justin would later react to Hemsworth’s response by saying, “Chris Hemsworth just called me sexy I’m never going to fail.”

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What’s Next For Hemsworth?

chris hemsworth as thor in thor love and thunder

Hemsworth’s endorsement of his “lookalike” is a sweet nod from the actor, but not uncharacteristic for him. Hemsworth has been cited by co-stars to be an immensely warm person on top of his talent. Thor co-star Natalie Portman described him as “genuinely kind” from the start when being interviewed about Thor: Love and Thunder. He has additionally been known to be explicitly kind to fans online, thanking them early last year for their support of Thor’s Marvel Cinematic Universe journey.

Hemsworth’s future in the MCU remains unclear for the time being. Thor: Ragnarok and Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi has teased that he has ideas for many more storylines for Thor. Conversely, Hemsworth has hinted that it might soon be the end of the road for Thor films. With Hemsworth expressing this and Waititi becoming increasingly busy with projects in recent years, Thor 5 and subsequent sequels may become less likely. However, Marvel has said Thor will return.

Thor or not, Hemsworth will still keep himself busy in the coming years. He will soon star in the upcoming Netflix thriller sequel Extraction 2 and is also slated to feature in George Miller’s Mad Max origin story Furiosa as a mystery villain character. Whichever way Hemsworth’s path takes him, he will undoubtedly still pay service to his fans online as he did in this Twitter exchange.

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