Cocaine Bear Actor Wants A Star Wars Heist Movie With Alden Ehrenreich [EXCLUSIVE]

Exclusive: O’Shea Jackson Jr. shares his desire to reprise his Star Wars role and potentially team up with Cocaine Bear co-star Alden Ehrenreich.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. wants to return to the Star Wars universe with his Cocaine Bear co-star Alden Ehrenreich to team up as Kawlan Roken and Han Solo. Both Jackson and Ehrenreich have played important roles in Star Wars as Kawlan Roken, leader of The Path, and Han Solo, respectively. There are still a lot of stories to be told for both of these characters, and Jackson seems eager to continue to play in a galaxy far, far away.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant promoting Cocaine Bear Jackson and Ehrenreich discussed returning to the Star Wars universe. Jackson expressed his desire to reprise his role after Obi-Wan Kenobi. He excitedly broke down a potential Solo and Kawlan heist project.


Screen Rant: Both of you guys are in Star Wars projects that I absolutely love, and you have tremendous chemistry. Would you want to re-team for a Star Wars heist project somewhere down the line?

O’Shea Jackson Jr.: Hell yeah! You know, I’ve been waiting by my phone since Obi-Wan Kenobi wrapped. I’m waiting for that email to pop up, baby. I’ve been trying to figure out timelines, like y’all could [have] Han with Kawlan Roken.

Alden Ehenreich: That was my question.

O’Shea Jackson Jr.: Roken, with the power of prosthetics…

Alden Ehrenreich: You have to have gray hair or something?

O’Shea Jackson Jr.: It’s fine. I don’t care. Whatever we got to do, we both toting blasters, let’s do it. Let’s get this party going, man. Quit playing. Don’t cheat us, treat us.

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Could Kawlan Roken And Han Solo Cross Paths In The Star Wars Universe?

Chewbecca and Han walking in the beach in Solo A Star Wars Story

The possibility of Kawlan Roken and Han Solo crossing paths is not only possible; it almost seems likely. Solo: A Star Wars Story and Obi-Wan Kenobi take place around the same time, at the height of the Empire’s power before the rebellion has really begun. Kawlan deals with a secret underground system for shepherding force-sensitive people away from the Empire’s grasp, which easily ties him to smugglers, which is where Han Solo can come into play. Han also showed a soft spot for those fighting against oppression at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which could make him sympathetic to Roken’s cause.

Many have been clamoring for a second Solo movie with Ehrenreich, and this could be the perfect way to explore more of Han’s past while tying together the smuggling and post-Order 66 Jedi storylines. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, Han shows his true heart when he helps Enfys Nest, but he is also burned by a mentor he trusted. A project exploring a more jaded Han as he is once again confronted by people in need of help laying the groundwork for his eventual part in the rebellion could be an exciting way to further explore the young rogue’s history. It would be especially interesting if it tied into force-sensitive individuals given his skepticism regarding The Force.

Jackson is eager to return as Roken, and Obi-Wan Kenobi seems to set up an exciting future for the leader of The Path that deserves further exploration. A movie or series that shows Roken turning to the smugglers of the criminal underworld could be the perfect way to introduce the two characters. Jackson and Ehrenreich have incredible chemistry and comedic timing in Cocaine Bear, and the potential connections between their Star Wars characters lay the groundwork for a potentially very fun Star Wars project.

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