Encanto’s Isabela Comes to Life in Stunning Cosplay Images

A talented cosplayer perfectly captures Encanto‘s Isabela Madrigal and her incredible gifts over nature. Isabela is a key character in Disney’s 2021 animated hit film that centers on a Colombian family gifted with wonderful powers, with Diane Guerrero providing the voice for the eldest sibling of protagonist Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). Possessing the power to make flowers bloom anywhere, Isabela is seen as the “perfect” daughter of her family, much to Mirabel’s annoyance, but hides her own insecurities that she keeps to herself.


In a post shared to Reddit’s r/Cosplay subreddit, Medhavi321 shared four images of her Encanto cosplay, depicting Isabela and how she appears during the early acts of Encanto.

Across all photos, Medhavi321 recreates poses that perfectly capture Isabela’s personality from across Encanto, including her graceful mastery over nature as she tends to a number of blooming flowers, as well as her more troublesome side that she shows during her clashes with Mirabel. As such, the cosplayer brings the Disney character to life in a way that not only captures her gift, but her personal struggle too.

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How Isabela Is Important To Encanto’s Core Narrative

Isabela is one of Encanto‘s most important and notable characters, with her personal journey being key to the film’s core narrative. When introduced, Isabela is a much-loved figure in the community and is viewed as the key to the future of the family. Despite this, it is quickly revealed that Isabela and Mirabel have a strained relationship, with Mirabel growing up as an outcast due to her lack of a gift, while Isabela receives near-universal praise thanks to hers.

Despite living a seemingly perfect life, it is soon revealed that things aren’t all they seem, as family matriarch Abuela Alma (Maria Cecilia Botero) reveals that Isabela is expected to marry Mariano Guzman (Maluma). When Mirabel approaches Isabela to make amends after a prophecy suggests the pair’s bond may be the only thing that can prevent the family’s gifts from being extinguished, Isabela’s true feelings boil to the surface. Isabela’s emotional declaration to Mirabel helps Encanto further explore the complexities of the family.

With Isabela playing such a pivotal role in Encanto, the character quickly became one of the film’s standout characters. Beyond her bond with Mirabel providing the film with some of its most emotional moments, Isabela’s mastery over flowers and nature also led to one of its most memorable musical numbers, “What Else Can I Do.” As such, the above cosplay is a stunning realization of the character that captures Isabela’s brilliant gift alongside all aspects of her complex nature.

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Source: Medhavi321/Reddit

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