Extreme New Horror Movie Gets Some Disgusting Promotion From Crew Member

To encourage people to go see Infinity Pool, one effects worker shares a behind-the-scenes image of a gross prop from the extreme horror movie.

A crew member who worked behind-the-scenes on the science fiction horror Infinity Pool promotes it by sharing one particularly unsavory prop used to achieve the movie’s realistic visual effects. The movie follows struggling writer James Foster (Alexander Skarsgård) and his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman), who vacation in the fictional seaside country of Li Tolqa. After spending time with two other tourists, played by Mia Goth and Jalil Lespert, their marital issues reach a point of no return when they uncover the truth about Li Tolqa’s corrupt legal system and become entwined with its dark culture.


Following the theatrical release of Infinity Pool, one of the film’s effects artists, Daniel Martin, takes to Twitter to share an image of a large jar of the artificial semen that was used in the film.

The notable prop perfectly teases the unabashed gore and explicit nature that viewers can expect from the thriller. Martin’s caption, while noting that this particular bit of movie magic ranks pretty low on the list of reasons to see Infinity Pool, winks at this extremity being a strong part of its appeal.

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Why Infinity Pool Should Be Intriguing To Horror Fans

Gabi with Gun in Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool is the third sci-fi horror movie from Canadian filmmaker Cronenberg, who previously wrote and directed 2012’s Antiviral and 2020’s Possessor. It premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and immediately made a splash with critics, who praised the film’s use of its sickening imagery for social critique, though Cronenberg pushed the envelope a bit too far for the Motion Picture Association. Infinity Pool‘s original cut, which played at the festival, picked up an NC-17 rating for its graphic violence and sexual content.

This turns out to have kicked off a lengthy back-and-forth behind the scenes, with Cronenberg deciding to appeal the decision after multiple attempts to make small tweaks failed to appease the organization. Unfortunately for advocates of artistic ownership over commercial censorship, the rating was upheld, forcing the filmmakers to re-edit the movie to fit the standards of an R rating. Though the difference is reportedly only about five seconds of footage, that should be enough to make the eventual release of the original cut an intriguing prospect.

Additionally, Cronenberg’s collaboration with Goth, whose Infinity Pool character serves as the catalyst for the movie’s bizarre events, should excite fans of the genre. The rising actor has been making waves in the horror genre as of late, starring in both X and Pearl in 2022, both A24-produced slashers from director Ti West. Though she was arguably snubbed by the Oscars for the latter movie, she has picked up more critical praise for Infinity Pool, continuing to cement herself as a horror mainstay.

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