Fan-Favorite James Cameron Movies May Finally Be Getting 4K Releases

James Cameron‘s greatest hits may finally get a 4K release, as producer Jon Landau teases a rerelease. Cameron is renowned for his visually stunning films, such as Avatar, one of the most profitable movie franchises of all time. Landau produced these movies alongside Cameron on several projects, including Titanic, which won the pair their Academy Awards for Best Picture. The duo has worked on expanding the Avatar franchise into three upcoming movies, but some of Cameron’s early films are being brought back.


On Twitter, Bill Hunt spoke with Landau, getting insider information on the potential for physical releases of Cameron’s films. Hunt confirms that a few of Cameron’s fan favorites, including The Abyss (1989), True Lies (1994), Titanic (1997), and the first Avatar (2009), are all being looked at for a rerelease on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD this year. Disney hasn’t confirmed any of the films mentioned, but Landau seems sure that they’re coming up. Here are the tweets and quote below:

“2023, baby!… I would bet [they] would be [released]… But I don’t know if Disney wants me saying that yet.”

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Cameron’s Dedication To The Movie Experience

The cinematography in Cameron’s films has always been valuable, as he focuses on high-quality visuals and provides the greatest possible experience for movie-goers. While Cameron often leans into innovation, bringing the newest technology to films, he fought to keep theaters alive when they were threatened by streaming. His dedication to the movie experience extends to his entire filmography as this new wave of Blu-ray releases improves at-home movie viewing without the use of streaming platforms.

Cameron often tests the limits of what technology can do, but he also values the traditions that keep filmmaking sacred. His most recent film Avatar: The Way of Water showcased Cameron’s visual mastery with the underwater stunts and visuals, and this move to bring his fan-favorite movies to Blu-ray also follows Cameron’s wish that all his movies are enjoyed to their full potential. The films mentioned by Landau can expect some improvement as the acclaimed filmmaker adds his cinematic touch to the remaster.

While he reaches new heights as a filmmaker, Cameron also clings to the simpler times of physical copies and hopes to bring back blockbusters from his filmography. It seems he is taking some time to perfect his classics before jumping into the upcoming Avatar films, and it shows his dedication to his craft.

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