Former The Flash Directors Explain Why They Left The DC Movie

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who was set to direct The Flash at one time, explain why they left the DC movie. While the DCEU is getting closer to its end, there are still a few installments left of the franchise. Starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, The Flash has gone through development hell over the last decade. It wasn’t until IT filmmaker Andy Muschietti was hired that it really gained momentum. Loosely based on Flashpoint, The Flash will focus on Barry tapping into the larger multiverse after he accidentally messes with the timeline. This will be how Michael Keaton’s Batman returns.


Before Muschietti boarded the DC project, Goldstein and Daley were set to direct The Flash movie before they eventually departed. In a recent interview with Variety, the duo opened up about their experience of almost directing the DC movie. While having nothing but praise for the new team’s vision, Goldstein and Daley did cite creative differences being a factor. They spoke about the experience of working with Miller before they eventually parted ways.

DALEY: We pitched this idea of a ground-level superhero where it isn’t entirely end-of-the-world stakes. He’s just learning his powers and is also somewhat dysfunctional with his life. The more imperfect we can make a superhero, the better, because that’s the inherent challenge: How do you give imperfection to someone that is, you know, physically perfect? It was a number of creative differences that caused us at a certain point to decide that it was time to go,

GOLDSTEIN: They were intense and very bright. Later, it became clear that they didn’t want to quite do the same thing as we did. If we feel like the powers-that-be aren’t excited about making the same movie as we are, we’re not going to win that battle. And so it’s better to cut your losses and get out of there. They took what we had started and really ran with it and made it a very fun and emotional movie. We’re really happy with how it all turned out.

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The Flash Movie’s Complicated Development History Explained

While The Flash movie is only a few months from releasing in theaters, the history behind this film has been a complicated one. Despite being announced all the way back in October 2014, there were multiple creative shifts that delayed the project. Initially, The Flash film was slated for a 2018 release, meant to follow Justice League. Former Green Lantern TV showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith was initially tapped to direct it.

But creative differences led to Grahame-Smith exiting the DCEU installment as Rick Famuyiwa was hired to replace him in June 2016. However, only a few months later, Famuyiwa also departed The Flash movie. Similar to Grahame-Smith, it was due to creative differences with the studio. It wasn’t until 2018 that Goldstein and Daley landed The Flash gig but parted ways in July of that year. After them came Muschietti, who finally got The Flash movie on track and into principal photography.

While it was a long journey for The Flash movie to become a reality, time will tell how it does commercially and critically. Following the release of The Flash movie trailer, the hype for the film has gone up significantly. With the new DC Universe being set up by The Flash, it will be interesting to see how it becomes a game-changer for the new DC Studios.

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