George Of The Jungle Gave Brendan Fraser Unexpected Parental Complaints

George of the Jungle star Brendan Fraser recalls receiving a number of unexpected complaints from parents whose kids started smashing into trees.

George of the Jungle star Brendan Fraser says that he got a number of unexpected parental complaints from parents following the release of the hit live-action Disney movie. Fraser starred in the film as the titular George, a young man raised in the jungle that has a habit of swinging on vines into trees. The Disney family comedy released in 1997 to mixed reception, although it ended up being a box office success.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on their Awards Chatter podcast, Fraser revealed that he received many complaints surrounding George of the Jungle, in particular from parents whose children began to behave like his character. Well before Fraser became known for The Mummy, it seemed that he was accidentally inspiring kids who wanted to be like George to smash into trees. Check out what Fraser had to say below:


For a while there, parents were stopping me going, “Oh, man, I really loved you in George of the Jungle, it was such a great movie. I have a bone to pick with you, my kid got eight stitches.” Rubber trees, George smashed into rubber trees!

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Why George of the Jungle Remains A Fraser Favorite

George of the Jungle

The fact that so many children were injuring themselves just to be more like Fraser’s George indicates how popular George of the Jungle was with its target demographic at the time. While the film wasn’t as critically praised as other work Fraser has done, the movie maintained a comedic and light-hearted tone throughout. By leaning into its premise through some goofy presentation and maintaining an interesting rescue mission story about Ape the gorilla, George of the Jungle is able to be funny and engaging for children.

The success of the original George of the Jungle spawned the direct-to-video sequel, George of the Jungle 2. The second movie saw Christopher Showerman replace Fraser as George, who is now juggling his time as King of the Jungle with raising his son, George Jr. Given Fraser has reentered the spotlight thanks to his critically acclaimed role in The Whale, the door is now open for him to return to a number of franchises he once led, including George of the Jungle.

If another George of the Jungle sequel were to be made with Fraser, the movie could replace George of the Jungle 2 in the franchise a direct sequel to the original. The time gap could also lead Fraser’s George to become a mentor to someone else, perhaps a reenvisioned George Jr. who is just coming of age. While it would be interesting to see what a modern George of the Jungle sequel would look like, the memories of how Fraser inspired kids with the original may be for the best.

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