Harrison Ford Exasperates Interviewer With His Captain America 4 Answers

Harrison Ford jokingly teases what fans can expect from his version of Thunderbolt Ross in Julius Onah’s Captain America: New World Order.

Harrison Ford exasperates interviewer Stephen Colbert after he expertly handled – and deflected – questions about Captain America: New World Order. The veteran actor is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming Julius Onah film starring Anthony Mackie. Ford takes over the role of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross following William Hurt’s passing in 2022.

Stopping by The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert, Ford was asked about his role in Captain America: New World. In response, the actor became elusive, using his signature charm to evade questions and exasperating the late-night host. Watch their interaction below:


The actor visited the show to talk about Jason Segel’s comedy, Shrinking, in which he plays the main role of Dr. Paul Rhodes. But as he’s on the cusp of joining another iconic franchise in the MCU, he likely predicted that he was going to be asked about Captain America: New World Order. Luckily, he’s so good at keeping spoilers at bay.

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How Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross Fits In To Captain America 4

Blended image of Harrison Ford as Deckard looking neutral in Blade Runner 2049 and a comic book Red Hulk looking angry

Plot details for Captain America: New World Order are still being kept tightly under wraps and understandably so since the film isn’t due to release until next year. In fact, production hasn’t even started. Still, it seems likely Ford already had access to the script, or at least has had briefings of a few scenes since he already knows what Ross’ meeting with Sam Wilson will be.

Since the Sokovia Accords are no longer enforced, Ross’ new role in the MCU could tie into Damage Control — an organization that debuted in Spider-Man: Homecoming and factored heavily into Ms. Marvel. Ford’s character may even be spearheading the operations, which would pit him directly against Sam’s Captain America.

Aside from Captain America: New World: Order, it’s also worth noting that Ford’s Ross will also be in Marvel’s Thunderbolts, which is dubbed as an unofficial sequel to Black Widow. There are even theories that Ross may already be the Red Hulk in the MCU, which would be interesting to see with Ford in the role. Beyond that, it’s unknown, but there’s a good chance that the actor may be a mainstay in the franchise moving forward.

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Source: The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert

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