HBO Max’s New Name & Prices After Big Expansion Plan Reportedly Revealed

Details regarding the revamped version of HBO Max have reportedly been revealed following the streamer’s big expansion. Launched in 2018, HBO Max is the streaming home of shows like Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Barry, and House of the Dragon. The streaming platform has undergone a number of significant changes over the last year, however, as a result of the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery Inc. (now Warner Bros. Discovery). Following the merger, it was announced that a merged HBO Max and Discovery+ streaming service would be launching in spring 2023.


Now, per a report from Bloomberg, details regarding the new HBO Max streaming service have been revealed. The report confirms that the merged service will be called “Max,” with executives fearing that “HBO” could turn away certain potential subscribers. In addition to the name change, the service will feature thousands of new shows, mostly lifestyle programming that was previously on Discovery+. As for prices, the current $10-a-month ad-supported tier will stay, as will a $15 or $16 ad-free tier. A new tier priced at $20 is also reportedly being planned, offering higher-quality video and other offerings.

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Will HBO Max Compete With Netflix & Prime Video?

As far as subscriber numbers go, Netflix continues to reign supreme with Amazon’s Prime Video coming in at the number two spot. HBO Max has gained ground in recent years, but is still lower down the list, also falling behind Disney+. Following the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, however, the company has instituted a number of changes that could even the playing field.

One of the biggest changes made has been the increased focus on cutting costs, focusing only on programming that is bringing in and maintaining subscribers. Under this directive, Warner Bros. Discovery has made a number of controversial changes, including cancelling and/ or removing movies and TV shows from HBO Max. The most high-profile incident in this regard was the cancellation of Batgirl as a tax write-off, with leadership claiming the movie was “unreleasable.”

The company has also been putting shows like The Nevers, Legendary, Raised by Wolves, and Westworld on FAST (free, ad-supported streaming television) channels in the hopes of attracting new subscribers. These changes are part of a larger shift in the streaming service landscape, with Netflix and other platforms focusing more on programming that’s actually drawing new audiences. With these controversial changes, and with the revamped HBO Max bringing on so many reality-style shows, it’s certainly possible that it will gain ground on Netflix and Prime Video, but surpassing the two streaming behemoths is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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