How Michael B. Jordan Wants To Expand The Creed Universe

Michael B. Jordan addresses whether Creed 3 will be the last movie in the popular Rocky spinoff franchise and how the universe can still be expanded.

Creed 3 director and star Michael B. Jordan comments on how he hopes to expand the universe of the Rocky spinoff franchise with new properties. After the success of the first two Creed movies in 2015 and 2018, Jordan is set to return in the upcoming third installment, which pits his character against Jonathan Majors’ new boxer, Damian Anderson. Beyond the upcoming threequel, however, it’s less clear what is next for the hit franchise.

As the Creed 3 release date approaches, Jordan addresses how he hopes to continue the Rocky universe of films in an interview with Extra. The director and star reveals that, whether or not a fourth film happens, he thinks that the world can be expanded across other mediums, including in a TV show or even a video game. Check out Jordan’s full comment below:


“I think the idea behind possibly where this character can go and also just the world the Creedverse as a whole… There’s so many different platforms where these stories can be told, you know… whether it’s a spin-off of the TV show, whether it’s you know the animation or graphic novel or a video game.”

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Could a Creed TV Show Work?

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors facing each other in the ring in Creed 3

Like the Rocky movies, both Creed films delve deep into character, telling human stories and dealing with relevant themes and social issues. In fact, the spinoff movies arguably tackle these storytelling elements with even more effectiveness. While Adonis himself may not be a good fit for a TV show at the moment because of how large a figure he is within the world of the Creed films, the franchise could find a great deal of success on the small screen.

By honing in on either a new or returning character, a TV show could continue to expand the world of the Creed films from a fresh perspective. It remains to be seen how Majors’ new character will be received in Creed 3, but a TV show exploring Damian’s origins could potentially be a hit. Majors is currently one of the most exciting and talented stars working in Hollywood today, and the Creed 3 trailer has already teased that his character had a rough youth, which is something that could be further explored on the small screen.

On the other hand, a TV show set in the franchise’s universe could explore a new fighter entirely. Similar to how Sylvester Stallone’s character featured as a trainer in the first Creed, a TV show could see Jordan appear as a guest star in more of a mentorship capacity. It remains to be seen how the universe will expand beyond Creed 3, but Jordan evidently has high hopes for his character and the world of the films more generally.

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