How Scream 6 Directors Prevented Ghostface Spoilers During Auditions

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Scream 6.

Scream 6 directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett explain the clever way Ghostface’s identity was kept secret during the audition process. After being introduced in last year’s Scream, the latest installment sees Sam (Melissa Barrera), Tara (Jenna Ortega), Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), and Chad (Mason Gooding) living in New York City when a new Ghostface starts hunting them. The latest film introduces several new faces, including Josh Segarra’s Danny, Devyn Nekoda’s Anika, Dermot Mulroney’s Detective Bailey, Jack Champion’s Ethan, and Liana Liberato’s Quinn.


In a recent interview with Collider, Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett explain how they kept Ghostface’s identity from being leaked during the Scream 6 casting process when multiple different actors are reading for the same characters. It turns out that, to prevent any actors from knowing the truth, they’re all required to read a Ghostface monologue. Check out Gillett’s full comment below:

“When we’re casting those roles specifically, they read sides for their character and then everyone that we cast read a monologue, a Ghostface monologue. And part of it is to throw the cast off the scent because you can’t cast the killer specifically because if you’re auditioning multiple people then multiple people know the ending of the movie and it becomes a whole tangled mess. They all read Amber’s monologue from Scream 5 in addition to their scenes. Josh Segarra’s Ghostface was so f—ing awesome.”

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Scream 6’s Ghostface Breaks A Franchise Trend

Before Scream 6 was even released, Bettinelli-Olpin, Gillett, and the film’s stars made no secret of the fact that the Ghostface in the film was more aggressive and more ruthless than in past franchise installments. This newfound aggression and relentlessness shine through in several notable sequences in the movie, including a very tense bodega scene in which Ghostface controversially uses a shotgun. The killer’s ruthlessness isn’t the only difference from past movies, however.

In past Scream movies, Ghostface has either been a single person or a duo donning the cloak and mask. In Scream 6, though, three people are actually behind the killings, marking an exciting first for the franchise. Detective Bailey, Ethan, and Quinn are all Ghostface, unmasking themselves and revealing their motives for killing during the film’s third-act climax, as is franchise tradition.

With Scream 6 having introduced a three-person killing team, it remains to be seen how the franchise will continue to innovate Ghostface moving forward. A seventh film hasn’t yet been given the green light, but the box office success and strong critical response to the latest movie suggest an official announcement could be imminent. If Scream 6 does lead to another sequel, it’s fair to say that Ghostface spoilers definitely won’t be leaking during the audition process.

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