I Know What You Did Last Summer Sequel Return Potential Clarified By OG Star

Original I Know What You Did Last Summer star Sarah Michelle Gellar clarifies her status regarding the film’s just-announced legacy sequel.

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives a definitive answer about whether she’ll appear in the just-announced I Know What You Did Last Summer sequel. Gellar joined Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jennifer Love Hewitt in the original 1997 slasher hit about a hook-wielding killer menacing a quartet of friends. So when it was recently revealed that IKWYDLS was getting a legacy sequel with Prinze and Hewitt in talks to return, speculation naturally fired up about whether Gellar would be joining them.


But now all that speculation can be put to bed, as Gellar makes it clear that she won’t be joining the upcoming I Know What You Did Last Summer legacy sequel. Speaking to ET recently, Gellar revealed that she did speak to the film’s director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson about possibly appearing in the film, but reminded everyone that her character died in the original, making it plain that she won’t be back. Check out what Gellar said in the space below:

“As I explained to Jennifer, I am dead. I am dead dead. On ice. She’s like, ‘Are you sure you’re dead dead?’ I’m like, ‘It’s soap dish dead. I don’t have a head. You can’t write for someone that doesn’t have a head. I’m dead.’”

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Will The New I Know What You Did Last Summer Match The Success Of Scream 5

Ghostface in Scream 6

The original I Know What You Did Last Summer came amid a late-’90s slasher revival kick-started by the massive success of Wes Craven’s meta-slasher Scream. Now, that neo-slasher era is getting its own nostalgic revisit, thanks once again to the Scream franchise. But while Scream 5 surprisingly succeeded in relaunching that particular horror property, leading to the upcoming Scream 6, there’s no guarantee the same magic can be pulled off with a new I Know What You Did Last Summer.

It could indeed be argued that the marketplace has already loudly spoken on the durability of the I Know What You Did Last Summer premise of a vengeful killer stalking friends with a giant hook, given that the film received only one proper sequel, followed by a direct-to-video reboot and a short-lived Amazon series. It remains to be seen whether the current nostalgic craze for ‘90s revivals goes deep enough to embrace and even boost something as relatively dismissed as IKWYDLS. But it’s true that horror is as big as ever at the present time, and perhaps the hunger for slasher content will open the door on the new I Know What You Did Last Summer joining Scream 5 as a surprise hit.

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