James Gunn Officially Confirms He’s Directing DC’s New Superman Movie

James Gunn has officially confirmed he’s directing the new Superman: Legacy movie. A new DC Universe is in the works from DC Studios, with Gunn and Peter Safran leading the charge. The DCEU will finish out this year, especially with The Flash movie resetting the entire franchise. One of the big projects coming out of the DC Universe is Superman: Legacy, with Gunn writing the reboot. Since it will focus on a younger Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is not returning for the installment. The reboot will officially arrive in theaters on July 11, 2025, as the proper beginning of the DC Universe.


While Gunn is writing Superman: Legacy, there were also plans for him to direct. Last week, Tom King let slip that Gunn is directing Superman: Legacy. The filmmaker has now confirmed it himself, as Gunn announced the news on Twitter.

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Why James Gunn Directing Superman: Legacy Is Good For The DC Movie

Ever since Gunn revealed he was writing Superman: Legacy, it was obvious he would likely direct it. Regardless, Gunn is a solid choice to tell Superman’s next cinematic story. Ever since he helped launch DC Studios, Gunn has made it clear how crucial Superman is as a DC icon. Before Cavill’s return in Black Adam, the Man of Steel was absent from the big screen for years.

Gunn has also repeatedly stated what a huge comic book fan he is in general. While Superman: Legacy isn’t directly adapting All-Star Superman, Gunn is using the iconic storyline as inspiration. Grant Morrison’s beloved Superman story has always been one of the most emotionally compelling arcs for Krypton’s last son. Seeing Gunn look at Morrison’s work as a source of inspiration speaks volumes in itself.

With Gunn officially set as the director, casting will likely begin for Superman: Legacy in the next few months. As of right now, a casting director hasn’t been hired yet. Hopefully, by San Diego Comic-Con this summer, the new Clark Kent for Superman: Legacy will have been picked.

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Source: James Gunn/Twitter

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