Michael B. Jordan Teases Future Projects With Creed-Verse Fan Favorites

Exclusive: Creed 3 director and star Michael B. Jordan shares his excitement about the Creed-verse continuing to grow and expand in the future.

Creed 3 star and director Michael B. Jordan shares his excitement about the Creed-verse growing ever-stronger in the future. Creed has continued to expand the world of Rocky by introducing Apollo Creed’s son Adonis, who follows in his father’s footsteps with the help of Rocky Balboa. Jordan has not only starred in all three Creed films, but the third film is also his directorial debut, and he produced the latter two.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Jordan confirmed that the Creed-verse will “continue to grow and expand.” Jordan explained that he wants to focus on the other characters introduced in the franchise beyond just Adonis, although he didn’t go into details about how audiences will see the Creed-verse continue after Creed 3.


Michael B. Jordan: You will see the Creed-verse continue to grow and expand. I think that we invested in some really interesting characters that I think a lot of people were responding to. I have to give a political answer to that. [laughs] There’s going to be more of the Creed family, and there’s gonna be more of some of the characters that you love from this movie. I just don’t know what package it’s going to be in yet.

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Which Creed Characters Could Be Fleshed Out In Future Films


The Creed movies have revitalized this beloved franchise with second-generation fighters like Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago while also introducing new boxers, including “Pretty” Rick Conlon and Damian “Dame” Anderson. The Creed franchise has laid the groundwork for a number of characters to potentially be at the center of their own stories, especially if Adonis Creed takes a step back from the ring. It seems like Adonis may be retired from fighting in Creed 3, which means that he could take on a role similar to Rocky’s in the first two movies, working with a young fighter to develop them into a champion.

Florian Munteanu is reprising his role as Viktor Drago in Creed 3, and depending on how the once-rivals interact, Adonis could help Viktor become the champion he has always longed to be. Viktor’s origins are dark and complicated, connecting him to Creed through the tragic fight between their fathers and Ivan’s desire for power and glory. If the Creed-verse were to dig deeper into Viktor’s story, it could be a harrowing story of redemption.

Creed 3 also introduces a mysterious new rival in Jonathan Majors’ Dame. Growing up with Adonis, Dame is a boxing prodigy who lost the life he wanted when he went to prison. A spin-off centered around Dame and the aftermath of Creed 3 could be a deeper exploration of a villain in this franchise and what their next step is after the biggest fight of their lives. Interestingly, Creed 3 features a time jump, which means Amara, Adonis, and Bianca’s daughter will be older. Perhaps expanding the Creed-verse could mean following the next generation of Creed boxers by delving into women’s boxing.

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