Nicolas Cage’s Dracula Charms Potential Victim In New Renfield Images

New images from the upcoming fantasy-comedy Renfield show Nicolas Cage as Dracula luring in victims and using his powers to fly over a support group.

Nicholas Cage’s Dracula lures in new victims in new images for Renfield. Renfield is an upcoming Dracula adaptation starring Cage alongside Nicholas Hoult as the titular character. The film is directed by The LEGO Batman Movie’s Chris McKay, and is set for release on April 14, 2023.

In advance of the film’s spring release, Universal (via Games Radar) has released brand-new images for Renfield.

Three new Renfield images that were released include Cage’s Dracula hovering over a high school-gymnasium-like setting, and a duo shot of Hoult and co-star Awkwafina looking confused in the distance. In the last image, Cage takes the hand of what might be a potential Renfield victim.


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Everything We Know About Renfield

Dracula holding onto Renfield and flying in Renfield

Renfield will follow the story of Dracula and his henchmen played by Hoult. In addition to stars Cage, Hoult, and Awkwafina, Renfield features performances from Shohreh Aghdashloo, Brandon Scott Jones, and Ben Schwartz. It is written by Rick and Morty writer Ryan Ridley and based on a story idea from The Walking Dead creative Robert Kirkman.

Unlike some previous renditions of Dracula’s story, Renfield takes a comedic approach to the classic vampire story. As Renfield trailer indicates, Renfield will focus on the titular henchmen more so than Dracula. The trailer introduces Hoult’s character as a support group attendee wanting to escape a “toxic relationship” with his boss, who just so happens to be Dracula. Renfield’s coupling of fantasy violence and modern comedy suggest that the film will be a campy effort that is far more humorous than sinister.

Vampire comedy has been a successful genre in the past few years, with FX’s What We Do in the Shadows gaining a huge following. Coupled with a strong leading cast, this bodes well for the success of Renfield. Cage also appears to revel in the goofy comedy. Hoult too is familiar with the monster comedy, originating with his starring role in 2013’s zombie-comedy Warm Bodies. As Cage lures his victims in these new images, Renfield’s hype just got even better.

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Source: Universal (via Games Radar)

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