Paul Rudd Reveals Which Are His Two Funniest Comedies

In a video looking back on his varied career, Paul Rudd confesses which two comedies from his filmography he believes stand as the funniest.

Paul Rudd reveals which two comedies of his are the funniest. The actor got his first big break in the teen cult classic Clueless in 1995, and his career has seen a steady stream of successful films ever since, including Anchorman, I Love You, Man, and Knocked Up. Rudd’s fame skyrocketed following his debut as MCU superhero Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, in 2015.

Rudd now reveals his two funniest comedies in a video interview with GQ, where the actor discusses his career highlights and breaks down his iconic characters.


While discussing his role in 2004 hit Anchorman, Rudd reveals his initial reaction to the script, which involved him reading it twice. There’s another movie in his filmography he read twice, and according to the actor, it’s one of his funniest movies. Rudd explains:

“It’s rare to read a script that it’s just so fun to read just you that you want to reread for pleasure and certainly with comedies. I did that with ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ and then I did that again with ‘Anchorman’. I thought those were the two funniest scripts.”

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Rudd’s Comedic Versatility Has Been Key To His Success

Paul Rudd in Anchorman

Rudd’s longevity as an actor is undeniable at this point. He was cast in a series of Judd Apatow films in the 2010s, starring alongside comedy heavy hitters such as Jason Segel, Seth Rogen and Steve Carell. Unlike other movie stars, Rudd’s appearances were extremely varied. He shifted between small parts and leading roles, playing the straight-laced lead in I Love You, Man, a lovable, flawed husband and father in This Is 40, and a dopey surfer dude in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. His dramatic chops combined with his ability to pull off any brand of comedy, from goofy to grounded, have no doubt contributed to his string of successful comedies throughout his career.

Despite a fruitful career in comedy, the 40-Year-Old Virgin actor has more recently achieved wide acclaim in the genre world due to his role as Ant-Man in various MCU movies. The third Ant-Man installment, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, is set for release on February 17. Rudd’s future in the MCU beyond this film is still uncertain.

The Apatow-led comedy heyday of the last decade seems to be dwindling in favor of a Marvel-dominated industry. Though Rudd may need to set comedies aside as he tackles the MCU for the time being, the actor appears to have good instincts when it comes to picking projects. Regardless of genre, Rudd‘s steady success so far is a testament to the star’s tremendous versatility.

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