Plane 2 Confirmed With The Most Ridiculous Title

A sequel to Plane has been confirmed at the Berlin International Film Festival and will focus on Mike Colter’s character from the first film.

A sequel to Plane has been confirmed with an even more ridiculous title than the first installment. The Jean-François Richet-directed action flick starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter as an airplane pilot teaming up with a prisoner to rescue the passengers from a terrorist group after their plane crashes on a remote island was a surprise hit among critics and audiences. The film currently has a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed $43 million at the worldwide box office over a $25 million budget.


Now, THR reports that a Plane 2, ridiculously titled Ship, will be shopped to studios at the European Film Market during the Berlin International Film Festival. Colter will reprise his character from Plane, Louis Gaspare, and the film will be set on a cargo ship in East Asia where he discovers a human trafficking ring inside, which leads him to take down the people responsible and rescue the captives. No directors or screenwriters have been attached to the project, but discussions are currently underway, with filming set to begin later this year.

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Why Plane Was A Surprise Hit

plane movie review
Gerard Butler and Mike Colter in Plane

While Plane had the most ridiculous title of any 2023 film and was poised to become another January box office flop, the movie received surprisingly good reviews among critics when it was released. Its simple yet unintentionally funny title was a precursor for the old-fashioned and over-the-top fun director Jean-François Richet crafted alongside Butler and Colter.

For the past few years, Butler has been typecast in simple yet effective action movies, including Olympus Has Fallen, Greenland, Den of Thieves, and Copshop. Plane follows the same pattern of putting Butler in a simple situation with well-crafted action scenes. Its small plot didn’t reinvent the wheel, but its action sequences – most notably a set piece featuring a large gun ripping through a car and killing some of the film’s villains – were a major highlight among critics. Most agreed that Plane was nothing more than an effective popcorn action movie, with two good performances anchoring its taut action scenes.

Because of this, Plane quickly won over audiences. And while a Plane 2 wasn’t necessarily an inevitability, audiences who enjoyed Plane and craved more of Butler or Colter’s character will be pleased that Ship is currently in the works. Even with Butler not returning for the sequel, Colter’s presence in Plane was effective enough that his character should make Ship relatively interesting, no matter who stars opposite him. For those who haven’t seen Plane, the film is currently available to watch on video on demand.

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