Ryan Gosling Gets Imagined As MCU’s Ghost Rider In Fan-Made Trailer

Ryan Gosling gets imagined as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Johnny Blaze, a.k.a. Ghost Rider, in a fan-made trailer for a hypothetical movie.

Ryan Gosling gets imagined as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ghost Rider in a new fan-made trailer. In Phase Four, the MCU went deeper into supernatural lore as Marvel Studios continued to flesh out the franchise. From the continuation of Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch’s stories to the introduction of Moon Knight, the MCU has tapped more into mythicism. This has led many to think that the franchise might be getting ready to stage the formation of the Midnight Suns or some type of supernatural team in the films. Whether that will ever happen remains to be seen, but as the MCU continues to grow, it could be a possibility.


One character who fans are envisioning joining the MCU is Ghost Rider, specifically the Johnny Blaze version. In a new deep fake video from Stryder HD, Gosling replaces Nicolas Cage as the iconic Spirit of Vengeance for the MCU. The video uses clips from Cage’s first Ghost Rider movie that came out back in 2007. Check out the video below:

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What’s Going On With Ghost Rider In The MCU

Ghost Rider MCU Marvel

Even though the Spirit of Vengeance hasn’t appeared in the movies, Ghost Rider actually already exists in the MCU. Gabriel Luna joined Agents of SHIELD season 4 as Robbie Reyes, one of Marvel’s newer Ghost Riders. He was a central character in the first “pod” storyline. He took part in the ABC drama’s supernatural phase while also taking Agents of SHIELD in a darker direction. Unfortunately, Robbie never returned to Agents of SHIELD after season 4, but was mentioned a number of times in the later seasons. While he was the first Ghost Rider fans saw in the MCU, he was technically not the only one in the franchise.

In the episode “The Good Samaritan,” Agents of SHIELD did a flashback of Robbie’s origin story, which revealed how he got his demonic-like powers. Another Ghost Rider popped up and imbued him with the Spirit of Vengeance. The appearance was brief, but still a massive memorable moment in Agents of SHIELD‘s run. While his name was never said on-screen, this was meant to be the MCU debut of Johnny Blaze, who was played by a stunt performer named Tom McComas. It’s unknown what happened to Johnny after his encounter with Robbie, as he is presumably still alive. That leaves the door open for the films, or even the Disney+ shows, to re-introduce him at some point.

Why Robbie Reyes Should Be Brought Back As Ghost Rider

Diego Luna Ghost Rider

If the MCU ever decides to bring back Ghost Rider, they should utilize Robbie and allow Luna another go at the character. The actor was actually supposed to have his own Ghost Rider TV show on Hulu, but the series was scrapped partially due to creative differences. Robbie already has an established foundation in the MCU that can easily be continued, especially as the Ghost Rider actor wants to return to the franchise. Thanks to Phase Four, the MCU has begun to use various Marvel TV characters as of late. Therefore, there is no reason why they couldn’t proceed with this Ghost Rider and flesh out his arc in the larger MCU. Hopefully, there will come a time when the MCU finds a place again for Ghost Rider, whether it be in his own movie or TV show.

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