Scream 6 Star Teases Whose Side Kirby Is Really On

Scream 6 star Melissa Barrera teases whose side Kirby is really on in the upcoming sequel, revealing some skepticism surrounding her role.

Scream 6 star Melissa Barrera is teasing whose side Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby is really on. Following the events of 2022’s Scream, the upcoming sequel tracks its survivors attempting to leave Woodsboro and the recent string of murders behind, but despite heading to New York City, find themselves targeted by another Ghostface killer. After Kirby Reed was confirmed to be alive, the fan-favorite from Scream 4 will make her return to the franchise, though details surrounding her role are limited.


Theories about Kirby’s involvement and potential motives in Scream 6 have been circulating for a while now, suggesting she could be a final girl or even Ghostface. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Barrera, who plays Sam Carpenter, teased that there is some skepticism surrounding Kirby, but added that audiences will enjoy her story. Read Barrera’s comments regarding Kirby in Scream 6 below:

She gets to play this, ‘Is she, isn’t she.’ Like, ‘Is she on their side, or is she not?’ There’s all these moments of doubt. I think fans are going to love that journey of hers.

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Kirby’s Return In Scream 6 Explained

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Kirby was a friend of Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) and an avid horror genre fan in Scream 4. After receiving a phone call from Ghostface, during which she thought Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin) was in danger of being killed, she proved capable of answering most of the questions asked. Thinking she won the game, she was eventually stabbed by Charlie and left lying on the ground. Kirby’s fate was revealed in 2022’s Scream, when Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid) was watching YouTube and a video of her conducting an interview could be seen hidden on screen.

Panettiere has talked about Kirby’s return in Scream 6 and where the character is at, teasing that her survival of Scream 4 led to her current life path, though assuring she still retains the same “snarky” attitude audiences first came to love. Footage from the new installment has shown that Kirby seems to be aiding Sam, Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), and others in investigating Ghostface, and reports suggest that she may be in the FBI. Like a majority of those returning, she has survived one of the killer’s attacks and her experience could prove beneficial in the future.

Whose side Kirby is on might determine her outcome in this movie, but fans of the Scream franchise will likely want to see her story continue. While there is some speculation that Panettiere’s character could be Ghostface, it is also possible for her to be one of the few left alive in the end, especially following the departure of Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott. Those eager for Kirby’s return and to learn more about her role can be sure to catch Scream 6 when it hits theaters on March 10.

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