Stranger Things’ Vecna Actor Wants To Play Scarecrow In The DC Universe

Jamie Campbell Bower, best known for his role on Stranger Things, expresses interest in wanting to play the Batman foe Scarecrow in the DC Universe.

Jamie Campbell Bower, best known for his role on Stranger Things, expresses interest in wanting to Scarecrow in the DC Universe. While the DCEU has a few films coming up this year, a new DC Universe is on its way. With James Gunn and Peter Safran running DC Studios, they are crafting a new interconnected franchise. Under their leadership, they will connect television shows, movies, animation, and video games as part of the DC Universe. One of the new films that are in the works is a Batman reboot, entitled The Brave and the Bold. Currently, there is no filmmaker or writer attached as well as no star for the new Dark Knight.


In a recent interview with Geek House Show, Bower was asked if he would be interested in joining the DC Universe. Bower, who is best known for his Stranger Things gig, opened up on how there has been a lot of “chatter” about Scarecrow recently, as he would love to take on the iconic Batman villain. While it’s unclear what Scarecrow chatter Bower is specifically referring to, Jonathan Crane is the DC Universe character he would like to take on, sharing the following:

There’s been a lot of chatter about Scarecrow recently, that would be cool. To do that, that would be fun. Very spooky, that would be great!

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Everything We Know About James Gunn’s Batman

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Batman was one of the confirmed heroes that will be part of Gunn’s DC Universe in Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters.” While The Brave and the Bold is in the early works, Gunn and Safran confirmed that this iteration of Batman will focus on Bruce Wayne and a new Robin. Unlike previous Batman properties, the DC Universe film will introduce Damian Wayne for the first time in live-action. After Bruce discovers that he has a son, the Dark Knight takes Damian, raised to be an assassin, under his wing.

While Gunn is keeping details under wrap about the new Batman, he did recently clarify the age range for this iteration of the Caped Crusader. Since Superman will be in his twenties, Gunn set the record straight that Bruce will be at least a few years older than Clark. Whether that means Bruce is in his twenties or thirties remains to be seen. This Batman will also seemingly already have some type of established Bat-Family in the DC Universe.

Hopefully, Batman will be one of the characters who gets cast and announced at some point this year. Since Gunn and Safran never revealed a release date for when The Brave and the Bold will debut, time will tell where the movie falls into DC Studios’ release schedule. But as the DC Universe is coming up in the foreseeable future, it will be exciting to see who becomes the new Batman in Gunn and Safran’s franchise.

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