The Mummy’s Brendan Fraser Reveals The Key To Playing Iconic Character

The Mummy trilogy star Brendan Fraser reveals the key to playing his iconic character, Rick O’Connell, and why audiences connected with him.

Brendan Fraser has addressed how The Mummy‘s iconic protagonist, Rick O’Connell, required the actor to get into a certain mindset in order to play him just right. The lead adventurer for all three films in The Mummy trilogy, Rick finds himself in the center of many ancient conflicts, two originating from Egypt, and one with ties to China. Despite the sometimes dire scenarios the intrepid explorer finds himself in throughout each film, he always maintains an energy about him that maintains the fun heart of each movie.


In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Fraser opens up about his key to being able to play The Mummy‘s Rick with the level of adventurous vigor he showed onscreen. He mentions how writer and director Stephen Sommers was inspired by decades-old adventure movies when creating Rick, and how Fraser tried to live up to Sommers’ vision for the character. Check out Fraser’s full statement below:

Rick O’Connell was a character born of [writer-director] Stephen Sommers having watched all of the swashbuckling films of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. Rick is someone who has a great deal of irascible energy. He’s not taking anything too seriously. But if you’re playing Rick and you don’t believe in the circumstances of the reality of that movie, then your audience won’t either.

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What Would Rick Be Like In Another Mummy Sequel?

The inspiration for Rick coming from adventure movies made long before The Mummy is no surprise given his characterization. The seasoned adventurer continued to stay confident in the face of incredible dangers throughout his escapades, including the likes of Dwayne Johnson’s Scorpion King, a formidable opponent that he squares off against in the climax to The Mummy Returns. Rick’s charisma makes his role as The Mummy‘s central protagonist important, as he gives the film series a charm it wouldn’t have without him.

If Fraser were to take up the role of Rick again in the future, it’s likely he would maintain a similar feel to his character. Fraser himself says he wants to reunite with Michelle Yeoh for The Mummy 4, where she could reprise her role from The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. While an official sequel to The Mummy hasn’t been greenlit, Fraser’s excitement at the idea indicates that, if it were, he would attempt to portray Rick in much the same way he behaved in the existing trilogy.

A modern The Mummy sequel could also help to fill in some of the gaps about Rick’s past that remain shrouded in mystery. While he grew up in an orphanage and The Mummy Returns revealed him to be of Medjay descent, not much else is known about his past. A new sequel to The Mummy could explore these missing gaps in Rick’s life, developing him further while also maintaining the adventurous, optimistic personality Fraser brought out in the character.

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