The Ring’s Sadako Crawling Out Of TV May Be Best Cosplay Video Ever

The Ring’s terrifying specter Sadako comes crawling out of a TV in an incredible cosplay that recreates the horror icon’s memorable entrance scene.

The Ring‘s vengeful spirit Sadako emerges from her cursed videotape and crawls out of a television in an incredibly detailed and innovative cosplay that recreates her iconic entrance. The spirit made her debut in Koji Suzuki’s horror novel series that was later adapted into a film franchise, most notably with Hideo Nakata’s Ring in 1998, and its US remake The Ring in 2002 by Gore Verbinski. Sadako has appeared in fourteen films, including the franchises’ American and South Korean entries, with 14 actresses portraying the character across 25 years in prequels, sequels, and crossover films.


In a TikTok video created by user Daracell at ATL Comic Con, later shared by the Nightmare on Film Street podcast on Twitter, The Ring‘s spirit is brought to life in a cosplay that not only captures her terrifying appearance, but also Sadako’s iconic videotape entrance.

In the video, the cosplayer has created a moving television stand, complete with a fake television with a working screen that depicts the cursed video that carries her deadly virus. The Sadako cosplayer is able to sit inside the television as the stand is moved, allowing them to later crawl out and terrify fellow cosplayers at the event.

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How The Ring Crafted A Lasting Horror Legacy

Sadako Yamamura

The Ring has had a lasting impact on the horror genre even over two decades after Nakata brought Sadako from page to screen, influencing both the Japanese horror landscape and becoming a recognizable hit across the globe. With the success of more-subdued, subtler horror films following the wake of the Slasher boom throughout the 80s and 90s, Ring‘s restrained approach to scares fit with the changing trends at the time, allowing it to gain traction with audiences. With Verbinski’s American remake, The Ring, being a further success for the franchise, paved the way for further American remakes, with films including The Grudge.

Within The Ring film franchise, Sadako left an impact on audiences due to her terrifying, relentless, and near-inescapable nature. Inspired by the Yurei of Japanese folklore, Sadako’s curse is passed through a videotape that will take the lives of those who view it seven days after they originally view it, with the spirit crawling out of whatever screen the video was played on to claim her victims. The iconic image of her coming out of the TV screen has been solidified in pop culture.

Between Sadako’s appearances in video games, film, and manga, The Ring‘s iconic terrifying spirit has had a lasting horror legacy. Sadako left an impact on audiences through her terrifying relentlessness and distinct design, with later installments only increasing the threat she possesses as technology advances. However, the cosplay in Nightmare on Film Street’s post focuses on recapturing Sadako’s original entrance with an ingenious design, allowing fellow cosplayers to face the vengeful spirit themselves.

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