Cameron’s Iconic Sci-Fi Gets A Near-5-Hour Love Letter That Is Essential Viewing For All Fans


  • Aliens Expanded is a comprehensive 4-hour, 42-minute documentary exploring the making of James Cameron’s sci-fi classic, featuring interviews with prominent fans, experts, and cast members.
  • The documentary is a treasure trove of love, delving into the film’s fandom, production details, and cultural impact, making it a must-watch for Alien movie enthusiasts.
  • Aliens Expanded is also a celebration of physical media.

38 years after the release of James Cameron’s exceptional sci-fi, Ian Nathan’s Aliens Expanded offers a documentary deep dive that is best described as abyss-like in scale. Working with CreatorVC, whose previous documentary offerings have always proved impressive, Nathan has created something that genuinely deserves to be called essential viewing for fans of the Alien movies.

Aliens Expanded (2024)


Ian Nathan

Release Date

June 28, 2024


Ian Nathan



Aliens Expanded is a treasure trove of love and devotion, balancing things as broad as the very idea of fandom, and as specific as precise dissections of key scenes. To try and emphasize the scope of this documentary is best left to pure data; it is four hours and 42 minutes long. The extended Special Edition of Aliens itself is two hours and 17 minutes. How fitting a tribute to James Cameron’s notorious commitment.

Aliens Expanded Is The Definitive Celebration Of The Classic

It’s impossible not to find passionate people talking about what they love inspiring. You’ll hear people talk about labors of love, and that is exactly what Aliens Expanded is. It’s a goldmine for obsessives: A living exhibit in celebration not just of a piece of art but of its fandom. Because you can’t separate the latter from the monumental effort behind this huge documentary. And to do so would be a disservice.

There is a frankly ridiculous (with no negative tone here at all) commitment to detail. You might expect this to be a typical parade of talking heads, where direct access to the talent is the selling point. But if you want to know how far Aliens Expanded goes, look no further than the sequence, close to three hours, dedicated to breaking down the pulse rifles. This is obsession, in the best way, channeling all the parts of Aliens that scratch the very back of your mind as a fan.

Not everything in Aliens Expanded is new and profound, of course, but that doesn’t diminish it in any way. I was immediately reminded of the after-dinner speaking circuit, where legendary sportsmen (and politicians, if that sort of thing appeals to you) do victory laps telling the same stories and are greeted with unwavering affection by people who’ve heard the same stories before. And there’s a sadder analogy here too, that speaks to a broader panic facing our industry: The death of physical media.

It used to be that this sort of complementary material was bundled into new home releases. As time went on, labels like Special or Ultimate edition were slapped onto the boxes, and the features became increasingly less special. At some point, directors’ commentaries dropped out of rotation, and companies like Arrow and Criterion filled the vacuum with prestige editions that every film fan should look out for. Aliens Expanded is that on steroids — an opportunistic celebration at once but also a nostalgic reminder of what physical media has lost.

I can only hope that this endeavor continues. It’s made by extremely talented people, but it’s the passion that really sells. Going the extra mile in the name of offering an unrivaled, comprehensive experience is particularly admirable in the era of instant media and instant gratification. I am very much looking forward to Ian Nathan and his team tackling The Thing Expanded next.

Aliens Expanded Visuals Match The Talent On Show

It probably would have been enough to just have the talent — a truly exhaustive list, which includes prominent fan and expert voices — sitting in dark rooms gushing enthusiasm, and offering set anecdotes. I would have watched it, and I would have enjoyed it. But the aesthetic and formatting choices here speak to the overall quality. There’s a sort of futuristic database look, with files accessed at the right point and new chapters unlocked.

And not to labor the point, but the cast of voices that’s been assembled here is very impressive. It’s like the best Aliens comic con, with all of the impersonal elements removed. No doubt because of Ian Nathan’s journalistic pedigree, the interviews flow with warmth and the cast are enormously generous. The spirit of camaraderie is tangible, and even the most familiar stories are injected with energy thanks to how they’re told. Add in the expert fan voices and the analysts and it’s infectious.


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Aliens Expanded Goes Beyond The Movie

James Cameron in Aliens Expanded

The documentary isn’t just a blow-by-blow tale of how James Cameron made a great sci-fi, it’s about the entire culture and fandom. There’s a look at the merchandise that tied into the release — and which is incredibly rewarding for an insufferable collector like me — a tribute to Bill Paxton, a celebration of the fandom and many other compelling chapters. The runtime may be a little daunting, but the format makes it a lot more palatable. Aliens Expanded isn’t something to binge, it’s something to cherish and pour over.

The great thing, of course, about such crowd-funded projects is that they tend to come with tiers of extras. Aliens Expanded delivers on that front, with multiple options, including merchandise. The digital bundle comes with the score, soundtrack, desktop backgrounds, and a digital booklet. The impressive physical release comes in tiers with two posters, an exclusive sew-on patch, a certificate, and a choice of two T-shirts available.

This all does come at a premium price point (of $49.99 USD), naturally, but the point here is not to compare it to a typical Blu-ray. Price reflects effort, and the wait behind this project to make it just about justifies it.

Aliens Expanded is available to buy now.

Aliens Expanded Poster

Aliens Expanded (2024)

An in-depth documentary delves into the creation and lasting impact of James Cameron’s sci-fi classic Aliens. Featuring interviews with the cast and crew, including Cameron himself, the film provides a scene-by-scene analysis, revealing behind-the-scenes stories and exploring the cultural significance of the iconic movie.


  • The access to on-screen and production talent is unprecedented
  • This is exactly what fans of physical media are crying out for
  • The reverent celebration of a classic movie is hugely impressive
  • The production insights are genuinely wonderful

  • The length may be a little off-putting for some more casual viewers
  • The price is a little high

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