Masaba Gupta: Would love to do an action film

Never say never is a mantra that Masaba Gupta swears by. It’s her willingness to try new things that made her give acting a shot after years of being a fashion designer. Having won praise for her debut web series, Masaba Masaba, she has set her sights on another goal. She will be part of the voice cast of the Hindi adaptation of Marvel’s audio series Wastelanders. “[The superhero series] has an amazing world, and it’s exciting that we could localise something so global,” says Gupta, who will be joined by Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Jaideep Ahlawat in the Audible series.

Gupta initially assumed that she would have to audition for the part of spy Lisa Cartwright. “I thought I’d have to audition, but I didn’t have to. It’s great that India is on everyone’s mind right now. Look at films like RRR [2022] doing so well. Content from across the world is being consumed by people,” she says.

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With a popular web show and an audio series under her belt, Gupta wants to focus on her acting career. She has her wish list ready. “I would love to do an action film. Also, I want to do more fiction. If something wonderful comes your way, you should always give it a shot.”

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