A Quiet Place Prequel Photo Reveals First Returning Cast Member

Though considered a spinoff from the mainline story, a new A Quiet Place: Day One photo reveals the first returning cast member from the franchise. The upcoming film, written and directed by Pig breakout Michael Sarnoski on a story concept from co-creator John Krasinski, will act as a prequel to the first two A Quiet Place movies, exploring the start of the sound-hunting aliens’ invasion of Earth and wiping out humanity. Midnight Special‘s Jeff Nichols had previously been attached to write and direct, though departed due to creative differences.


Just over a month after production kicked off on the movie, Lupita Nyong’o took to Instagram to share a new A Quiet Place: Day One photo.

The post, as seen above, sees Nyong’o standing alongside two of her co-stars, Stranger Things‘ Joseph Quinn and Hereditary‘s Alex Wolff, with the caption inviting audiences to see them on screen one year from the post. The photo also reveals the first returning A Quiet Place cast member with Djimon Hounsou.

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What Djimon Hounsou’s Return Means For A Quiet Place: Day One

Hounsou, well-known for his Oscar-nominated work in Blood Diamond and both the Marvel Cinematic and DC Universes, previously featured in A Quiet Place Part II near the end of the film, acting as the unnamed leader of the island community of survivors. Featured minimally in the marketing for the sci-fi horror sequel, the character would reveal how he and his people were transported to the island by the National Guard after learning the creatures couldn’t swim, only for the chaos from boarding to attract them and kill off all but two boats’ worth.

Despite the big name behind the character, Hounsou’s A Quiet Place franchise run seemingly came to a close quickly as he was dragged off by a creature and killed while transporting Emmett and Regan to the radio station to weaponize her hearing aid around the world. With him now confirmed to be returning for A Quiet Place: Day One, it seems likely that the prequel movie will be exploring his and his family’s efforts to reach those National Guard boats and escape to the island, though whether he is at the forefront of the story or a supporting player is unclear.

Given the 2021 sequel saw Hounsou haunted by his past, it would be interesting to see if he has deeper ties to the rest of the A Quiet Place: Day One cast of characters, and whether they will survive the prequel. Additionally, with now one prior A Quiet Place star confirmed to be back, it will be interesting to see if any other franchise actors return, including John Krasinski’s Lee, Emily Blunt’s Evelyn or Cillian Murphy’s Emmett.

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