Avatar 3 Will Convey Again Breakout Approach Of Water Character

Avatar 3 will deliver again a breakout character from Avatar: The Approach of Water, producer Jon Landau confirms. As Jake and Neytiri’s Na’vi household seeks safety from the RDA with the oceanic Metkayina clan, Avatar: The Approach of Water introduces an array of sea-dwelling creatures, together with the clever whale-like creatures referred to as Tulkun. The troubled center baby Lo’ak strikes up an unlikely friendship with an exiled Tulkun named Payakan, who later proves helpful within the struggle towards the RDA, memorably biting off Tulkun hunter Scoresby’s arm and capsizing their vessel.


Throughout a current interview with The Wrap, Landau mentioned how Payakan’s story in Avatar: The Approach of Water has linked with audiences in such a significant means, ensuing within the majestic creature changing into a beloved breakout character. Requested straight if Payakan will return in Avatar 3, the producer responded, “Payakan might be again.” Learn his full feedback beneath:

I at all times considered Payakan a bit bit like Lassie. And I might say this can be a story like a boy and his canine, and so they’re each outcasts and so they want one another. And I believed that Payakan was going to be a personality as you describe them. Individuals wouldn’t see that initially. And we needed to maintain saying Payakan is a personality. And once we would ask individuals about characters, Payakan was at all times on that record and included them, which was uncommon.

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Why Payakan Is Returning In Avatar 3

Whereas Payakan was one of many largest and most beloved breakout characters from Avatar: The Approach of Water, his story was clearly not full by the sequel’s finish. Earlier than the occasions of Avatar: The Approach of Water, Payakan was exiled for utilizing violence towards human hunters, which is forbidden by the Tulkun, and on the finish of the sequel, he does so once more. However with the RDA launching an all-out struggle towards Pandora, it is unclear if the Tulkun will forgive Payakan for his previous indiscretions and finish his exile, or proceed clinging to their dedication to pacifism.

Landau has additionally confirmed that Scoresby might be returning in Avatar 3, that means the ruthless hunter might be again with a vengeance after surviving having his arm severed by Payakan. All in all, it was a no brainer for the Avatar franchise to deliver again Payakan, who has grow to be a agency fan favourite not just for his sympathetic and tragic backstory, however for taking up the RDA and successful throughout the sequel’s thrilling third act. It doesn’t matter what the threequel has in retailer, Payakan ought to show to be a priceless ally for the Na’vi in Avatar 3.

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