Fallen Sun Scene Was So Intense A Medic Actually Intervened

A medic had to intervene to help save Cynthia Erivo after her life was put in danger while filming Luther: The Fallen Sun. A sequel to Idris Elba’s Luther TV series, Luther: The Fallen Son follows Detective Chief Inspector John Luther as he attempts to stop criminals for the Serious Crime Unit. After being imprisoned for his unethical behavior in Luther, Luther: The Fallen Sun sees him on the other side of the law.

Since hitting Netflix, Luther: The Fallen Sun has quickly reached the Top 10 charts and is proving to be a success for the streaming platform. Unfortunately, one actor didn’t enjoy quite the same success while filming. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Erivo (Odette Raine) revealed that a medic had to step in to stop and stabilize her during an action sequence. Check out her quote below:


“It was really cool to do a big set piece like that. I remember that I was so full of adrenaline that I didn’t realize that my temperature was dropping, so our medic had to stop me to warm up internally before continuing, but I would have kept going because I was having so much fun.”

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Why Filming Luther: The Fallen Sun Became Dangerous

Luther: The Fallen Sun certainly doesn’t shy away from big action sequences. With Luther and Raine hunting down a monstrous killer, they need to fight to get their way to him, and both are nearly killed several times throughout the story. The Red Room alone provides a haunting threat that makes each action scene feel more weighty, thanks to the overwhelming stakes.

With so much action in Luther: The Fallen Son, the actors had to get down in the muck to perform realistic sequences. It was while filming the final action scene in the movie, where Raine is desperately trying to save her daughter, that Erivo experienced a rapid temperature drop. While she didn’t clarify what caused the issue, it was a welcome relief that the medic was immediately available to intervene.

Given how incredible the action scenes look, it’s no surprise that the actors are made to perform their own stunts. Still, it is harrowing that an actor’s life was legitimately in danger. Luther: The Fallen Sons ending is thrilling enough without knowing that Raine was in serious trouble and that the shoot actually had to be halted to keep her safe. Hopefully, should it ever receive a sequel, the crew takes extra steps to keep the actors healthy going forward.

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