Is 80 For Brady Based On A True Story? The Football Friend Group Explained

80 For Brady follows a group of football fanatics desperate to meet their hero Tom Brady, and here is the real story of the “Over 80 For Brady” club. 80 For Brady stars Jane Fonda (Trish), Sally Field (Betty), Rita Monero (Maura), and Lily Tomlin (Lou) as the four women who form the “80 For Brady” club after watching their hero Tom Brady, and decide to go on an adventure to watch him in the Super Bowl. 80 For Brady focuses on the 2017 Super Bowl LI which Tom Brady really did take part in as a record-breaking 7th Super Bowl.


Originally set for a streaming release on Paramount+, 80 For Brady has released in cinemas by Paramount Pictures instead with an award-winning set of stars in the 80 For Brady cast. Tom Brady, the “Over 80 for Brady” clubs’ hero, also produced and appears in 80 For Brady, alongside some other football stars. 80 For Brady takes the true story of five women who are Brady and football fanatics as inspiration, but also focuses on the heart-warming story of their friendship which is reflected by the bond the stars of 80 For Brady formed while filming.

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The Real 80 For Brady Club Explained

The real 80 For Brady club was made up of five women, Elaine, Betty, Anita, Pat, and Claire who had been friends for over 70 years. The friends had always been football fans but came together and bonded even more once they were widowed over their love for the New England Patriots, and in particular the often-memed Tom Brady (via People). The friends got together each week to watch Brady and the Patriots and their dedication led them to nicknaming their group the “Over 80 For Brady” club.

The group started with Elaine and Betty, then Anita joined and soon Claire and Pat to form the full group. Appearing on CBS Sunday Morning (via YouTube), the group revealed that they had always been friends, but the weekends of football together gave them a newfound bond and was a great time in their lives. The “Over 80 For Brady” club became such a big moment in their lives that Betty’s grandson even made them matching t-shirts.

Did The Real 80 For Brady Club Ever Go To A Super Bowl?

Jane Fonda; Lily Tomlin; Rita Monero; Sally Field

The main premise for 80 For Brady is the groups’ ambition to go to the Super Bowl, which ironically premiers many movie trailers, and watch Tom Brady play. The goal of the 80 For Brady club is supported by telling the story of their friendship and providing heart-warming comedy, but the main plot is to see the 2017 Super Bowl which they do manage to achieve and see Tom Brady and the Patriots victorious. The real “Over 80 For Brady” club never went to the Super Bowl and preferred to support the Patriots from home, even claiming the night games were too late for them, so they were not bothered about trekking to the Super Bowl.

Did The Real 80 For Brady Club Meet Tom Brady?

Super Bowl; Lily Tomlin

Tom Brady’s own production company, 199 Productions, picked up 80 For Brady, and cast the stars of the successful Grace and Frankie, ironically at the time when he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady sent the ladies a video message when 80 For Brady was greenlit telling them how he was involved with creating the 80 For Brady story. Betty told CBS that the group was stunned by Brady’s message and could not believe he would be telling their story. Betty and Elaine were also able to attend a private screening of 80 For Brady which the other ladies could unfortunately not attend.

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With Brady producing the film, he also has a small cameo where he meets the ladies, which consisted of two days of filming with all the stars including Fonda, Tomlin, Field, and West Side Story‘s Rita Monero. Despite this, and the private screening and video message, the real “Over 80 For Brady” club have not met their hero, but it is still on their bucket list. Elaine and Betty told CBS they hope to see him before they die, and that they “better hurry up!” so hopefully following the release of 80 For Brady they are able to meet him.

What Happened To The 80 For Brady Club?

Sally Field; Rita Monero; Jane Fonda; Lily Tomlin

The 80 For Brady club are still big New England Patriots fans, although they are unable to watch together like they used to. Unfortunately, Claire has passed away and Anita and Pat reside in assisted living facilities restricting their ability to attend the private premier. Betty and Elaine still continue the “Over 80 For Brady” club and get together for Patriots games, and even support Brady still at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How The Real 80 For Brady Club Inspired A Movie

Jane Fonda; Sally Field; Lily Tomlin; Rita Monero

80 For Brady, distributed by the ever-successful Paramount, is truly a unique story, and its transference to the silver screen would not have been possible without Betty’s grandson. Betty’s grandson, Max, works in Hollywood and pitched the idea until someone was willing to develop it, and thankfully it was Tom Brady who felt his company could tell that story. It is not just the unique story of the women’s football club that was inspiring, but Fonda notes how the film bonded her and her co-stars in 80 For Brady and the story of the women’s friendship is the most inspiring aspect (via People).

What 80 For Brady Changes About The Real Friend Group

Sally Field; Rita Monero; Jane Fonda; Lily Tomlin

80 For Brady is inspired by the true story of the “Over 80 For Brady” club, but the movie itself is mainly fiction. The core theme of the story of watching the football together and the friendship bond that was cultivated is all true, emphasized by Fonda, Tomlin, Monero, and Forrest Gump‘s Sally Field’s on-screen bond, but 80 For Brady took some liberties in how far the women went to see Brady. The getting together for night matches is not true, as the real women felt it was too late, and preferred afternoon games with wine and hors d’oeuvres, as they told CBS. Also, the ladies never got to meet Brady like in 80 For Brady.

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The real “Over 80 For Brady” club never went to a Super Bowl, but have been supporting the New England Patriots for decades, before Brady was even a quarterback. The 80 For Brady story is embellished in terms of the actions of the women and their adventure to the Super Bowl. However, the main theme of friendship was important to the original “Over 80 For Brady” club, and they told CBS that 80 For Brady, which will most likely stream on Paramount+ eventually, perfectly captures the deep, and timeless, bond that the women have created over the years.

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