James Gunn Reconfirms Talks With Henry Cavill For Other DC Roles

The new DC Universe might still have a place for former Superman actor Henry Cavill, as James Gunn reconfirms DC Studios has had talks with the star about other possible roles he could play. Cavill returned as Superman last October in a post-credits scene in The Rock’s Black Adam. However, merely two months after Cavill finally returned to the role, then newly appointed DC Studios co-CEO Gunn announced the actor would not be playing Superman in the new DC Universe. Gunn did mention he explained his decision to Cavill and talked to the actor about other possible DC roles for him, which Gunn now reconfirms.


While denying Cavill was cast as Frankenstein in Creature Commandos, Gunn reconfirmed on Twitter that, following Cavill’s Superman exit, there is a possibility the actor could return to DC in a new role since he’s talked to Cavill about future possibilities.

Cavill is a known advocate of the Superman character, and the subpar way in which his time as the Man of Steel was handled has been a popular topic of discussion, with even Gunn recently expressing his disapproval of the old DC regime’s conduct with Cavill. If he does decide to return to DC, there are a few roles Cavill could be perfect for.

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Who Could Henry Cavill Play In The New DC Universe?

Cavill’s exit from the role of Superman was due to the new DC Universe eyeing a younger actor to portray Clark Kent starting to plant his reporter roots. This new Superman will debut in a movie reboot titled Superman: Legacy, which will be the first major project in the new DC Universe, releasing in 2025, and currently being written by Gunn himself. With Superman being out of the question for Cavill, the actor’s talents can still be harnessed by the new DC Universe, with the actor being a good fit for a number of characters that should be popping up soon.

One of the possible DC roles that Cavill could play is that of the test pilot/space cop Hal Jordan, one of the Green Lanterns — alongside John Stewart — who will be leading the DC Universe HBO Max show Lanterns, before making the jump to the movie side. Cavill has shown in his Superman role that he can match Hal’s charisma and strong will power. Besides, Gunn has confirmed that Lanterns will see the unraveling of a mystery that “leads into the overall story” of the new DC Universe.

Cavill’s role as Sherlock Holmes in Netflix’s Enola Holmes franchise also helps his case for playing Hal Jordan in this Green Lantern detective story. If that does not happen, the actor would be a great fit to play the new Superman’s Kryptonian father, Jor-El. The actor could maintain an involvement with DC’s Man of Steel even after Cavill’s exit as the DCU Superman, honoring what came before. Cavill would also be a great pick for Green Arrow, the Human Target, or the villain Ultraman in the new DC Universe.

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