Keira Knightley Considers Potential Pirates Of The Caribbean Return

Keira Knightley considers her character’s return in a future Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Knightley portrayed Elizabeth Swann starting with 2003’s The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. She went on to star in the subsequent two sequels alongside Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, with the movies seeing her character break the damsel in distress trope by becoming a capable pirate in her own right. Elizabeth was last seen in 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, where she made a brief appearance.


While speaking with ET at the premiere of her new film Boston Strangler, Knightley was asked about Elizabeth Swann’s potential return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The question was prompted by Jerry Bruckheimer’s recent comments about wanting to return to the series with Depp. Knightley replied by asking, “What about Elizabeth Swan?” She then seemed content to let the character go, saying, “I mean, she sailed away so nicely. She sailed away in brilliant style.”

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What’s Next For The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise?

Since the franchise debuted in 2003, the Pirates of the Caribbean series has produced five films. While the budgets can be excessive, the franchise has proven profitable at the box office. To date, the Pirates of the Caribbean films have amassed over $4.5 billion worldwide while also leading to copious amounts of merchandising revenue and characters like Jack Sparrow who are now firmly planted in pop culture.

With success on that scale, it is no surprise that Bruckheimer is interested in producing more sequels. Depp has been the star of the last two entries in the series, but his legal woes with ex-wife Amber Heard put his career into turmoil. As a result, the actor lost several roles, with Pirates of the Caribbean‘s future becoming unknown without its biggest star. However, Bruckheimer has commented that he is ready to bring Depp back for a sixth film.

Despite this, Knightley seems content not to return. If Knightley opts out, then Bloom may do the same, given their characters’ love story together. Therefore, it’s likely that the franchise’s future lies with Depp or an attempt at a reboot or spinoff, which could prove tricky. As with comments about wanting Depp back, Bruckheimer has also stated that the sixth installment will have a younger cast. Additionally, there is still the spinoff with Margot Robbie, which remains in development. Therefore, while Knightly looks to be done, Pirates of the Caribbean is far from over.

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