MCU Fantastic Four Gets Significant Update From Marvel Director

MCU Fantastic Four movie director Matt Shakman gives a new significant update on the project, and responds to casting rumors of Marvel’s first family.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie just received a big new update from director Matt Shakman, with exciting implications for when the cast of the long-awaited movie will be revealed. Shakman is no stranger to the MCU, with the director returning to helm Marvel’s First Family after a successful run on the Disney+ series WandaVision, where Shakman was the sole director.

During an interview with The Wrap, Shakman revealed that the MCU Fantastic Four movie will begin filming in early 2024. The news makes sense, due to Fantastic Four having been delayed from its original November 2024 release date to February 2025. The Fantastic Four MCU debut is coming soon and there is now a solid timeline of when its heavily speculated cast should be announced. In addition to confirming the filming start, Shakman spoke to Collider about the potential Fantastic Four cast, saying, “All the casting stuff you see is just rumors.”


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When Will The MCU’s Fantastic Four Cast Be Announced?

John Krasinski and the comic versions of the other Fantastic 4

Marvel Studios has a normal turnaround of one year between the start of shooting on a project and its release, which the current schedule for Fantastic Four meets — by filming in early 2024 for a February 2025 release. Therefore, Marvel Studios will need to have the coveted lead roles in Fantastic Four locked down before the year ends, meaning the cast for Marvel’s First Family will be revealed in 2023. Marvel Studios is aware of how much audiences want to know the MCU’s Fantastic Four cast, which is why the announcement should be handled in the way Marvel has had the greatest success in the past.

Marvel Studios is well-known for delivering audiences exhilarating presentations of their movie and Disney+ slates, which is exactly how the Fantastic Four movie’s cast should be announced. When San Diego Comic-Con starts in July, it will likely see a packed Hall H full of fans and journalists ready to discover who will lead the next decade of the MCU as the Fantastic Four. The idea of any sort of reveal that does not match last year’s MCU Multiverse Saga announcement, with Kevin Feige coming out on the stage to share the Fantastic Four casting, seems unlikely.

With San Diego Comic-Con being the most likely place where the Fantastic Four cast will be announced, all that’s left to be cleared up is who’s in the running for a chance to be in the movie. Some names have been floating around in the past year, including a wide range of stars like Diego Luna (Andor), Jodie Comer (Killing Eve), Ryan Gosling (La La Land) and more. While some of those names started to get traction in the fan community, Shakman has effectively debunked them with his latest update. Though John Krasinski may seem an obvious candidate for Mister Fantastic, the actor confirmed he hasn’t spoken to Marvel about the film. It remains to be seen if Shakman and Marvel will ask him to return and build out the team around him, or go with a whole new cast for the Fantastic Four movie.

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Source: The Wrap, Collider

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