Original Evil Dead Director Teases Plans For Horror Franchise Return

The Evil Dead director Sam Raimi indicates his interest in writing or directing another movie for the horror franchise and says it would be exciting.

The director of the original Evil Dead trilogy, Sam Raimi, teases possible plans for his return to the classic horror franchise. Raimi was at the helm of the first three movies in the series, writing and directing The Evil Dead in 1981, Evil Dead II in 1987, and Army Of Darkness in 1993. He returned to the franchise’s world 20 years later as a producer on the fourth film, Evil Dead, which was released in 2013. A new movie in the series, Evil Dead Rise, is set for release later this year, though Raimi is not directing.


During an AMA session on Reddit recently, Raimi was asked by one fan about whether he would ever return to the Spider-Man or Evil Dead franchises in a writing or directing capacity. Raimi gave a very positive response about both and even indicated he would agree to rejoining the franchises creatively in a heartbeat. Read the full quote below:

I would return to direct or write for any of those franchises if I could. I loved my experiences on all sets and have a great relationship with my partners on EVIL DEAD, SPIDERMAN, and DR. STRANGE 2. Each could be a very exciting experience for me creatively.

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What Sam Raimi Would Bring To An Evil Dead Sequel

The Evil Dead franchise and Raimi mean a lot to each other, because not only did the director create the first three films in the franchise, but Evil Dead was also his very first professional feature film when he was just 22 years old. Raimi returned to the franchise in 2013 as a producer for the remake of the original film, where the filmmakers were able to rectify a controversial scene involving a woman and a tree that Raimi expressed regrets about in an interview in 2012.

That deep and lasting connection between director and story could result in a sort of love letter or swan song for Raimi if he did end making his return to the Evil Dead franchise in a creative capacity. According to Ash Williams actor Bruce Campbell, while Raimi served only as an executive producer on the latest entry, he did end up handpicking Lee Cronin to write and direct the movie that became Evil Dead Rise, which will be released in theaters on April 21. Campbell has said recently that Raimi is in active development for a new Evil Dead animated series as well.

If Raimi were to return to Evil Dead as a writer or director, it wouldn’t be surprising for the filmmaker to do a few callbacks to his trilogy. The originality and grittiness of The Evil Dead have contributed to its legacy, as well as Raimi’s deft use of stop-motion animation and practical effects, the latter of which Raimi could rely on more if he does return. It would be refreshing to get some classic Ash-like quips back in the mix with a campier take on horror, which Raimi can certainly provide after the last two entries in the Evil Dead series moved towards a darker tone.

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