Sam Raimi Wants Another Evil Dead Movie With Bruce Campbell

Sam Raimi says he’d like to make another Evil Dead movie with Ash actor Bruce Campbell. Raimi changed the horror landscape forever with his original low-budget Evil Dead movie, then changed it again a few years later with the horror-comedy sequel Evil Dead II. Over 40 years after the first Evil Dead made cabin-in-the-woods horror a staple subgenre, Raimi’s franchise is set to get a new cinematic installment with director Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise, a movie that promises some interesting formula tweaks alongside loads of that signature Evil Dead gore.


But even with Evil Dead Rise arriving to take the franchise in another new direction, Raimi indicates that he’s not finished making his own contributions to the series, telling Empire that he’d love to reunite with original Evil Dead star Campbell as well as producer Rob Tapert for another movie. Raimi in the recent interview discussed 2013’s Evil Dead reboot and plans for a Mia/Ash crossover that later became Ash vs Evil Dead, then opened the door on other possible Evil Dead projects. Check out what Raimi had to say in the space below:

That character, Mia, was great, so I was very interested. We had been talking about an ‘Evil Dead IV’ for the other branch of that universe, and we were worried a little bit about a collision. Ash Vs Evil Dead is what that morphed into. But I always thought there was room for both. I still think there’s room for all sorts of Evil Dead movies. I don’t think they cancel each other out. … I love working with Bruce and Rob. I love it as a producer because they’re really good partners, but I also like being supported by them as the director. So I hope that is on the cards eventually.

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Could Ash and Mia Still Team Up In An Evil Dead Movie

After 2013’s Evil Dead rebooted the series without Campbell as Ash, and with a completely new protagonist in Mia, it seemed a new direction had been charted for the franchise. But fans have yet to see Mia again since that movie, while Campbell made his own return in the TV series Ash vs Evil Dead. Tonally speaking, Ash vs Evil Dead was much closer to the original Evil Dead movies than the 2013 reboot, delighting those who missed the horror-comedy touch brought by Raimi and Campbell.

How to approach Evil Dead from a tonal point-of-view is of course the big question. Not everyone has Raimi’s ability to bring together the worlds of supernatural horror and slapstick comedy, and the 2013 reboot frankly didn’t try. Those who appreciate the Raimi touch may not particularly care if they ever see Mia again in the Evil Dead universe, but would very much enjoy Campbell returning for one last gory blow-out, with Raimi back in the director’s chair.

Raimi himself does indicate that he likes the character of Mia however, and this seems to open the door on a return for Jane Levy’s character. The great thing about the Evil Dead universe is that it can seemingly be anything and go anywhere, with Raimi even taking Ash into the world of Arthurian legend with 1992’s Army of Darkness. Given that there are seemingly no limits on what an Evil Dead movie can be, an Ash and Mia team-up in a Raimi-directed return to horror-comedy seems like it could still be a possibility.

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