Super Mario Movie Poster Teases Chris Pratt’s Hero Becomes His Boss Self

Chris Pratt’s titular hero becomes his ultimate boss self in a new poster for Illumination and Universal’s upcoming The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

A new poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie features Chris Pratt’s hero ready for action as his boss self after completing training. From Illumination, Universal, and Nintendo, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is an adaptation of the beloved video game franchise, which has been running since 1985. Pratt takes on the role of Mario with supporting voice cast members including Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.


As The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s release date inches closer, the official Twitter account for the film has shared a new poster featuring Pratt’s titular hero looking ready for adventure.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s new poster feature Pratt’s hero in an action pose and looking much more determined, potentially an answer to fears that the movie’s version of the character won’t be as powerful or tenacious as the character in the games. The poster also features a number of elements from the classic Nintendo games, including cubes, piranha plants, Bullet Bill, and warp pipes.

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Why Super Mario Bros. Could Prove Difficult To Adapt

The Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros. games have been massive hits for Nintendo and the franchise continues to entertain people around the world, but a movie adaptation could prove difficult to totally nail. The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer was already the subject of some backlash due to Pratt’s voice for Mario. Some viewers took to social media following the release of the trailer to express that Pratt’s voice didn’t sound like the character they had come to know and love, who has long been voiced by Charles Martinet.

What’s more, video games, by their very nature, are often challenging to put into movie form simply because of the major differences in medium. While a movie is a two-hour experience whereby audiences watch key characters attempt to accomplish a goal, video games often play out over many hours, with users playing a central role in the telling of the story instead of just passively experiencing it. In order to feel like a worthy adaptation, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will have to truly make the new versions of Mario, Luigi, and the other characters worth caring about and rooting for.

The Super Mario Bros. games also have a very unique art style. While the visuals for the older, classic games do seem somewhat outdated now, it will be interesting to see whether the specific atmosphere of the games transfers to the screen when rendered in higher detail in a different art style. Although Pratt’s voice for the hero character is still not without its detractors, The Super Mario Bros. movie does feature an impressive array of voice talent and can hopefully do justice to Nintendo’s beloved source material.

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