The Internet REALLY Wants M3GAN To Appear In Toy Story 5

Following the recent announcement that Toy Story 5 is coming, the internet is crying out for M3GAN to appear as Buzz and Woody’s new co-star.

Fans are calling for M3GAN to join the recently announced Toy Story 5 after the AI doll became an immediate social media sensation. Earlier this year, M3GAN stormed onto screens and quickly established herself as the next big horror icon. The Blumhouse horror film saw Allison Williams star as Gemma, a roboticist who introduces her orphaned niece to her latest creation, M3GAN. The AI doll’s babysitting duties quickly take a turn, however, when M3GAN embarks on a killing spree as she seeks to protect her primary user at any and all costs.


After making waves online prior to the film’s release, M3GAN has remained a popular topic on social media with film fans now calling for her to appear in the newly announced Toy Story 5. With news of the upcoming Pixar sequel having sparked debate online, Twitter users were quick to offer up their ideas for how the toys’ story can be continued, with some suggesting a particularly interesting new co-star for Buzz and Woody. Check out some of the fan casts below:

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Everything We Know About Toy Story 5

Woody and Buzz Lightyear pose with their arms around each other in Toy Story

As one of Pixar’s most beloved stories, the Toy Story franchise came to what appeared to be a heart-warming conclusion in 2010 with Toy Story 3. Therefore, 2019’s Toy Story 4 welcomed mixed responses across the board as it continued Buzz and Woody’s story, before offering yet another bittersweet seeming conclusion. Earlier this week, Pixar announced that Toy Story 5 is officially on its way, sparking even more debate surrounding whether a further Toy Story installment is necessary. As for what is known about Toy Story 5 at this stage, the animated sequel is now in active development, although there is likely to be a considerable amount of time to go until the feature lands on screens.

Shortly after Toy Story 5‘s announcement Tim Allen tweeted “See Ya Soon, Woody” suggesting that he will return to the role of Buzz Lightyear that he originated back in 1995. As for whether Tom Hanks will return to voice Woody, this has yet to be confirmed. Right now, details surrounding not only Toy Story 5′s cast but also its story remain sparse. Although, naturally, more information is sure to emerge as production on Toy Story 5 progresses.

While it is undoubtedly a hilarious suggestion from social media users, M3GAN’s entry into the Toy Story universe would likely unleash total mayhem as the AI doll is not the kid-friendly companion she was intended to be. As M3GAN now continues her reign as a true internet sensation, it remains to be seen just where she will be fan-cast next. However, with M3GAN 2.0 set to hit screens in 2025 and Toy Story 5 now officially on its way, an exciting future lies ahead for fans of both franchises.

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