Wonder Woman Gets Positive DC Universe Update From James Gunn

Following the turmoil around Gal Gadot’s DC status and Wonder Woman’s absence from the DCU slate reveal, James Gunn teases that Diana is coming soon.

While Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movies are currently on hold, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has confirmed that Diana Prince has not been forgotten amid the DC Universe shake-up. Ever since Henry Cavill’s exit from the Superman role was announced last December, the continuation of current DCEU actors in the new DCU has been one of the most talked about topics involving DC. Wonder Woman became a big part of the discussion, as it was revealed that Gadot had a cameo cut from The Flash and director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 had been canceled.


Gunn shared on Twitter a positive update on Wonder Woman’s DCU future, saying the character will not take long to appear — even if Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 never happens.

There was really no other path that the new DC Universe could go where Wonder Woman was not a major player going forward. Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran know this all too well, especially since two-thirds of the iconic DC Trinity are already among the first few projects of the new DCU, with Superman: Legacy and Batman’s The Brave and the Bold. While Diana herself did not appear in the DCU slate reveal, she was not entirely absent.

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Gunn’s New DC Universe Is Perfect For Wonder Woman

Split Image: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman; Paradise Lost (comics) image

Gunn and Safran recently revealed the first ten projects that start the DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. Among them was Paradise Lost a Wonder Woman prequel show that tells the story of the Amazons on the island of Themyscira years before Diana was born. The HBO Max series was described as a political show akin to Game of Thrones, with Paradise Lost set to reveal how Diana’s society and home came to be.

The idea to use Paradise Lost as the introduction to the Wonder Woman corner of the new DC Universe — rather than starting with a Wonder Woman movie — makes a lot of sense, given the direction that Gunn and Safran are taking DC. The DC Universe will be much more connected to the comics than the old DC movies ever were. Based on that, Paradise Lost is the perfect place to flesh out the strong mythology of the Amazons, with Themyscira in the comics being home to creatures like pegasus, winged lions, centaurs, and more. The Game of Thrones mention also teases the presence of such fantasy elements.

Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman has been mostly met with praise, and her first solo movie perfectly encapsulates Diana as a character. However, there has been an increasing demand for the Wonder Woman franchise to go fully mythological ever since the first movie’s only mistake — the handling of villain Ares — was made. Paradise Lost can lay a Wonder Woman setup, building out a world full of mythological creatures and characters for Wonder Woman to interact with in a future movie — be it Gadot or a new actress.

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