A Mild Dramedy With A Refreshing Message That Solely Scratches The Floor


  • Golden Years gives a contemporary tackle self-discovery in growing old, however falls brief on diving into deeper truths or realities.
  • The movie conveys common themes of self-actualization and success in older characters, celebrating life at any age.
  • Whereas gentle and heartwarming, Golden Years misses the chance to unpack complicated life questions with extra depth and realism.



Getting old is not straightforward. It’s an expertise that brings about moments of deep self-reflection and questioning life’s success. Golden Years, a Swiss dramedy directed by Barbara Kulcsar, delves into these themes and asks nice questions, however by no means really offers the perfect solutions. Starring Esther Gemsh and Stefan Kurt, the older couple embark on separate journeys of self-discovery, providing a singular twist on the coming-of-age film. Whereas heartwarming in its portrayal of underrepresented demographics and common themes, the movie stays gentle. However it sadly misses the chance to discover deeper realities and truths which might have been groundbreaking coming from these characters.

Golden Years Amplifies Underrepresented Voices Via Common Themes

Golden Years deserves recognition and reward for providing a protracted overdue portrayal of life experiences for individuals who are within the latter half of their lives. There’s a widespread false impression that folks should know themselves totally and perceive their life’s function by a sure age. Golden Years goals to normalize discovering oneself and beginning over at any age, in addition to embracing unconventionality all through life’s journey. That is seen by way of the movie’s protagonists, Alice and Peter. Alice is a powerful, adventure-seeking lady, whereas her husband, Peter, has grown snug with routine as they’ve aged.

The movie goals to validate that it is regular and okay for long-term companions to veer down totally different paths within the later chapters of their lives. Moreover, if you’re and not using a life companion in outdated age, that does not imply you’ll develop outdated alone — an necessary message Golden Years strives to impart. This theme crystallizes when Alice’s buddy Magalie instantly dies, confessing in her final moments about an affair and unfulfilled desires. This catalyst prompts Alice and Peter’s personal self-exploration round residing life earlier than it is too late.

Witnessing this journey by way of an older character underscores how the keystone themes of self-actualization and success stay common over an entire lifespan.

The film hones in on the concept so long as you’re alive, you’re younger at coronary heart. Golden Years reminds us that life is for residing, dancing, touring, assembly new folks, exploring new artistic avenues, and having development experiences. A pivotal scene reveals Alice experimenting with psychedelics for the primary time with new mates, opening her thoughts and catalyzing necessary self-discovery. Witnessing this journey by way of an older character underscores how the keystone themes of self-actualization and success stay common over an entire lifespan.

The movie is an efficient coming-of-age story involving characters of their mid-60s, one thing that isn’t usually seen onscreen. Society usually diminishes this stage of life, however Golden Years depicts how core questions round id, function, and success persist, no matter age. The notion of 1 nonetheless attempting to determine their id, even into mature maturity, is a prevalent theme touched on all through the movie, and it was refreshing to see. There may be usually a sudden realization that life is brief, upsetting the query of what one really desires.

Golden Years Conveys an Vital Message

However its neat conclusion overlooks its depth

Golden Years superbly conveys the age-old dilemma of “what’s subsequent?” Nonetheless, whereas the movie successfully raises these existential questions on function and success, its lighthearted tone and neat conclusions by no means really reply it. The movie’s total tone indicators it will not be diving too deeply into the significant themes it introduces, due to this fact skipping over the ugly truths and actuality checks that usually accompany transformation. That is advantageous in case you’re solely in search of a nice diversion, however Golden Years had the potential to essentially extrapolate on this necessary subject, and it’s a disgrace that it would not.

Golden Years stops wanting considerably wrestling with the proverbial that means of life. The movie might have peered a lot deeper, reasonably than resolving its characters’ journeys in comparatively superficial methods. Ultimately, the film efficiently relays the significance of actualizing oneself, however wraps its narrative up too neatly, bypassing the messier actuality of profound reinvention after a long time of normalized routines have clouded one’s passions. A key perception, nevertheless, is that it is acceptable if life would not unfold in accordance with societal expectations. Nonetheless, there may be ample pleasure to be discovered, and each stage of life, no matter age, is golden.

Golden Years

is now taking part in in choose theaters and can be obtainable on digital March 26.

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