A Meandering Whodunit That Wastes Proficient Actors


  • Sleeping Canines’ story lacks originality, borrowing too closely from different profitable crime thrillers, specifically Memento.
  • The great actors are given inventory characters and are unable to shine resulting from stilted writing.
  • The film fails to ship a transparent message or level, making it tough for viewers to attach with the story.

The clichés are all too obvious in Sleeping Canines, Adam Cooper’s directorial debut. Russell Crowe stars as Roy Freeman, an ex-homicide detective who has forgotten most of his life resulting from Alzheimer’s. Whereas taking part in a scientific trial to deal with the illness, Roy finds himself pulled again into an previous case when non-profit lawyer Emily Dietz (Kelly Graysen) contacts him on behalf of the alleged assassin Isaac Samuel (Pacharo Mzembe), who is ready to be executed in a month. Whereas a couple of of the actors give respectable performances, it isn’t sufficient to beat the stilted writing.

Based mostly on the novel by E.O. Chirovici, Sleeping Canines is against the law thriller that follows a former murder detective who returns to the sector after receiving an experimental Alzheimer’s therapy. With a contemporary perspective and a renewed thoughts, the detective revisits a chilly case of the homicide of a faculty professor.


  • The story asks fascinating philosophical questions

  • Good actors are solely given inventory characters to work with
  • The varied twists and ending are considerably predictable
  • The plot is simply too much like one other, higher film

Sleeping Canines Borrows Too A lot From Memento

Russell Crowe and Tommy Flanagan in Sleeping Dogs

We’ve to first tackle the Christopher Nolan elephant within the room: Sure, Sleeping Canines is actually based mostly on the identical premise as Nolan’s Memento, albeit with some key variations. That is onerous to neglect whereas watching Sleeping Canines, which hits a number of of the identical story beats. That is solely the prelude to the truth that this film doesn’t execute the premise practically as nicely. The pacing is a bit off, with a detour across the half-hour mark right into a flashback that seems like the beginning of a distinct film altogether.

Crowe’s efficiency just isn’t dangerous, per se, however it isn’t significantly memorable.

Some extra flashbacks are scattered all through the remainder of the film, at all times accompanied by a filter change which doesn’t serve a transparent goal. The pacing can also be thrown by precisely how predictable the film is. You’ll most likely really feel like precisely the place Sleeping Canines goes, particularly by the point Karen Gillan’s character is launched. Because the film progresses, this turns into having no concept what’s going on, earlier than realizing what the ending twist goes to be.

The Actors Don’t Have Sufficient Good Moments In Sleeping Canines

Karen Gillan in Sleeping Dogs

Crowe’s efficiency just isn’t dangerous, per se, however it isn’t significantly memorable. Crowe’s greatest moments of rage and horror are in direction of the tip of the film. After making a reputation for himself with Sons of Anarchy, Russell’s Gladiator co-star Tommy Flanagan joins him as Roy’s former accomplice Jimmy Remis. Flanagan’s efficiency as a corrupt regulation enforcer is fascinating sufficient, particularly when the ultimate twist is sensible for the character and aligns with how he acts for the remainder of the film.

Gillan does nicely sufficient as Laura Baines, the femme fatale homicide thriller archetype, though all of the male characters repeatedly saying that there is no such thing as a one else like her cheapens her character. Gillan’s character leads the movie in direction of an fascinating story about ladies’s contributions to scientific analysis being swept beneath the rug, however her final function within the central homicide is muddled, and the story loses its impression because of this. General, most of Sleeping Canines’ foremost gamers are very inventory characters who would have been glorious if their tales have been additional developed.

Sleeping Canines


Adam Cooper

Launch Date

March 22, 2024


Karen Gillan
, Russell Crowe
, Marton Csokas
, Tommy Flanagan
, Kelly Greyson
, Lucy-Rose Leonard
, Thomas M. Wright
, Elizabeth Blackmore


Adam Cooper
, Invoice Collage
, E.O. Chirovici


110 Minutes


Nickel Metropolis Photos
, Highland Movie Group
, Gramercy Park Media
, Movie Victoria


Highland Movie Group
, Nickel Metropolis Photos

Sleeping Canines Doesn’t Make Its Level Effectively Sufficient

Russell Crowe looking at a baseball bat as Roy in Sleeping Dogs

No matter level Sleeping Canines is making an attempt to make doesn’t come by means of. The one fixed is a theme in regards to the recollections individuals want to neglect. Laura and former supervisor, the murdered Dr. Joseph Wieder (Marton Csokas), are researching methods to pressure the mind to neglect painful recollections, primarily as a therapy for PTSD. This crosses over with the storyline of Roy’s sickness and the way, because the experimental therapy takes impact, he begins to recollect issues he needs he couldn’t. The film derives its title from the phrase “let sleeping canine lie,” which is thrown into the synopsis for good measure.

Some individuals would possibly suppose discovering out what it’s that allegedly ought to have been left alone drives the discourse. I used to be left questioning whether or not viewers are literally imagined to really feel dangerous for the protagonist.

This in and of itself is an honest philosophical query; some individuals would possibly suppose discovering out what it’s that allegedly ought to have been left alone drives the discourse. I used to be left questioning whether or not we’re really imagined to really feel dangerous for the protagonist. Sleeping Canines’ message might need felt much less on-the-nose if the homicide case hadn’t turned out to be immediately associated to Roy’s life.

Along with these issues, some plot holes crop up within the story. Characters flip up in locations conveniently, at precisely the correct time, with out it being clear how they knew to be there. It looks as if everybody permits Roy the privileges of a present detective, regardless that he’s present process experimental therapy and is pressured into retirement resulting from a DUI accident. Roy additionally binge-drinks in a single scene and carries on usually the following day, as a substitute of needing to be hospitalized. Sleeping Canines has some character and thematic premises that may very well be fascinating, however its inherent story points kill them.

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