Dicks: The Musical Evaluation – Unfunny, Annoying Movie With A Couple Of Vivid Spots


  • “Dicks: The Musical” is a weird and outrageous movie that tries too onerous to be humorous and finally ends up feeling contrived and compelled.
  • Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally ship standout performances in a movie that lacks coronary heart and memorable songs.
  • The film is smarmy and exasperating, pushing boundaries with no clear course and in the end falling brief when it comes to cleverness and humor.



Generally a film comes alongside that’s so outrageous and weird that it’s a surprise it was ever made. Dicks: The Musical is that movie. Directed by Larry Charles from a screenplay by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, who additionally wrote and starred within the off-Broadway musical the movie is predicated on, Dicks: The Musical is bizarre, excessive, not often as humorous because it’s attempting to be, and considerably pretentious and really annoying. Its premise is attention-grabbing sufficient — it’s Guardian Entice meets Broadway — however the musical is solely attempting too onerous to be humorous, engineering its total persona round seeing how far it might probably go.

Craig (Sharp) and Trevor (Jackson) are an identical twins who don’t know they’ve been residing in such shut proximity to one another for years. They don’t meet till they begin working on the identical gross sales agency, however as a substitute of attempting to grasp why they appear a lot alike, they compete with one another for the highest gross sales spot whereas impressing their boss (Megan Thee Stallion). Realizing they’re an identical twins separated by their dad and mom, Craig and Trevor swap locations to fulfill their father Harris (Nathan Lane), a homosexual man with a love for creepy sewer creatures, and eccentric mom Evelyn (Megan Mullally), whose vulva has been bodily indifferent, whereas trying to deliver them again collectively, so they could be a “actual” household. Alongside the way in which, Craig and Trevor, who sing about solely understanding one another and are the last word dude bros, notice they’ve been homosexual all alongside.

Nathan Lane, Megan Mullally, Aaron Jackson, and Josh Sharp in Dicks: The Musical

It’s been some time since I’ve seen a film that’s so filled with itself. Jackson and Sharp’s script is all over. And whereas the story is grounded by Craig and Trevor’s makes an attempt to reunite their dad and mom, every part concerning the movie is contrived and compelled. The jokes develop drained after the primary ten minutes, and there’s completely no coronary heart — it’s all spectacle, and a grating one at that. Dicks: The Musical’s songs, which come typically, are unmemorable and there’s a way that the musical may’ve labored higher as a brief movie. It feels by no means ending as is, in addition to obnoxious, and completely too happy with itself.

Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally are the highlights of the movie. Their performances are wild and peculiar, however they don’t overdo it for the sake of theatricality. The fabric they needed to work with was already sufficient; all they needed to do was promote it, and so they did. The identical can’t be stated for Sharp and Jackson, whose vitality is at an eleven all through. Their overzealousness wanted to be reined in to be efficient, and the movie rapidly runs out of steam regardless of their exuberant performances. The pair is okay once they share scenes with Lane and Mullally, however turn into more and more annoying once they’re collectively. Even Megan Thee Stallion’s quantity, “Out Alpha the Alpha,” isn’t sufficient to maintain the musical afloat, although Bowen Yang as God is pleasant.

Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally in Dicks the Musical
Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally in Dicks: The Musical

Dicks: The Musical is solely doing an excessive amount of, and never sufficient of it’s good to justify its runtime. It’s neither intelligent nor humorous, save for the couple of jokes that really land, and it’s too smarmy for its personal good. Maybe if we had been in on the joke it will have been a greater watching expertise, however Sharp and Jackson push boundaries and go all out with none actual sense of course. Sharp and Jackson are exaggerative for the sake of gasps and shock, and the movie’s ending is a testomony to that which drives the movie’s story. It could be a black comedy, however it’s too self-serving and exasperating to genuinely be good.

Dicks: The Musical is now enjoying in theaters. The movie is 86 minutes lengthy and rated R for sturdy crude sexual content material, graphic nudity, pervasive language and temporary drug use.

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