Nicolas Cage Leads Satisfying Horror Thriller That May’ve Used Extra Worldbuilding


  • Arcadian’s eerie creatures are creatively unsettling, elevating the bar for horror components.
  • The movie lacks detailed worldbuilding, impacting character dynamics and rigidity ranges.
  • Regardless of some character and worldbuilding flaws, Arcadian delivers gripping horror and suspense.

Director Benjamin Brewer’s apocalyptic motion thriller, Arcadian, is intense. It’s the sort of horror that may truly make you bounce or, because the viewers did throughout its SXSW Movie & TV Pageant premiere, gasp. The movie incorporates a small, however essential function for Nicolas Cage, whose opening scene, that includes him working to get to his toddler sons, units the tone for what’s to return within the story. Arcadian could falter in its story particulars, constructing some character rigidity that’s by no means totally fleshed out, but it surely succeeds in making a gripping, tense expertise that’s elevated by its disturbing creatures.

Arcadian is a sci-fi thriller movie by director Benjamin Brewer and launched in 2024. Set after the occasions of a near-world ending occasion, Arcadian follows Paul and his twin sons as they battle towards unseen forces from past the celebrities that look to destroy something they lay eyes on.


  • Arcadian has implausible creatures which are appropriately chilling
  • The horror components work for the story

  • The movie may’ve used extra worldbuilding
  • The tense household dynamics are underwhelming

Arcadian’s Creatures Are Deliciously Eerie

The movie’s creature design is artistic and deeply unsettling. It makes zombies seem like enjoyable by comparability. In terms of dystopian tales which are tied to some mutation or illness that obtained out of hand, there’s nothing that hasn’t been explored earlier than. And but, Arcadian, which was written by Michael Nilon, finds new methods to be refreshing and thrilling. The warped creatures are genuinely terrifying, particularly after they’re snapping their jaws on the characters, able to take their heads off with out their sharp enamel and large jaws.

As a standalone horror thriller, although, Brewer’s movie works at a fundamental degree that chills and entertains in equal measure.

Arcadian will get bloody and the violence — although fortunately not extreme — is efficient, with Brewer actively using jumpscares to ramp up the strain. The movie has a stable payoff on the finish because the characters face down the deadly, clever creatures utilizing the assets they’ve. The place the movie dips in high quality in relation to character improvement and worldbuilding, it makes up for in a riveting battle between people and the creatures threatening to overthrow them from the highest of the meals chain. To that finish, Arcadian affords grit and gore with out permitting it to overpower the battle for survival.

And that’s what’s on the core of the story — survival, and doing what it takes to make sure it at any value. The love of household can be a theme, most notably displayed with Cage’s Paul, a dutiful, caring father who’s fought tooth and nail to maintain his sons, Joseph (Jaeden Martell) and Thomas (Maxwell Jenkins), alive. Cage is in Arcadian quantity, however he’s comfortable to maneuver out of the best way in order that Jenkins and Martell can enter the highlight. The trio has a stable rapport, one which isn’t significantly open, however that works like a well-oiled machine.

Arcadian’s Character Improvement & Worldbuilding Is Missing

Nicolas Cage walking next to a house in Arcadian

As a horror thriller, Arcadian works, however it could have been even stronger had the script fleshed out the household dynamics even additional. Thomas and Joseph’s relationship is strained, to say the least. After an incident with the creatures leaves Paul out of fee, Thomas blames himself for his dad’s situation, and Joseph is very happy to put into him for his errors. In their very own manner, they’re every making an attempt to show themselves, however there’s little indication as to why they’re not shut, particularly contemplating their world has little or no in it.

Arcadian (2024)


Benjamin Brewer

Launch Date

April 12, 2024


Saturn Movies


RLJE Movies


Michael Nilon


Nicolas Cage
, Sadie Soverall
, Jaeden Martell
, Maxwell Jenkins
, Joe Dixon
, Samantha Coughlan
, Daire McMahon
, Joel Gillman


92 Minutes

It’s virtually as if the brothers’ dynamic needed to be contentious as a result of there’s nobody else they actually work together with moreover their dad, apart from Thomas’ rendezvous with their closest neighbor, Charlotte (Sadie Soverall). With not a lot constructed into their relationship, Arcadian leaves the strain between them undercooked. The identical goes for the movie’s worldbuilding. There are glimpses of it, and there’s even a confrontation between Thomas and a gaggle of males who’re salivating for the chance to behave violently, however there’s a spot in what we see onscreen that leaves a lot to be desired.

Regardless of these setbacks, Arcadian has a lot to supply by way of its horror and suspense. What we do get from the characters supplies the movie with emotional stakes that elevate the depth brewing all through the movie. The movie’s last moments are thrilling, leaving us with a way of unhappiness for the best way issues transpired and a sliver of hope for humanity’s future. Contemplating the evolution of Arcadian’s creepy mutated critters, there’s room to find what would possibly come subsequent. As a standalone horror thriller, although, Brewer’s movie works at a fundamental degree that chills and entertains in equal measure.

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