Ritch’s Sci-Fi Drama Is Intense, Nuanced & Considerate

There are many films about synthetic intelligence, although it’s Alex Garland’s Ex Machina that involves thoughts first when watching The Artifice Lady. Written and directed by Franklin Ritch, the movie is a nuanced have a look at AI through the years, how we work together with it, the best way by which it develops, and the ethics surrounding it. The motion unfolds in solely two rooms for the whole lot of its runtime, which might be suffocating at occasions, however The Artifice Lady is partaking and compelling, bolstered by stellar performances from its solid, and exceeds the place different AI-focused tales may falter.


The movie opens in a small room. Gareth (Ritch, pulling triple responsibility) believes he’s being interviewed for a grant he utilized for, however it isn’t lengthy earlier than Deena (Sinda Nichols) and Amos (David Girard) reveal their true intentions. Initially believing Gareth is a web-based predator soliciting youngsters, Deena and Amos study that he’s truly behind Cherry (Tatum Matthews), an AI with the bodily look of a bit woman that he created to seek out predators. Thereafter, the movie follows the three of them by the years as they make the most of Cherry whereas additionally questioning concerning the morally grey space surrounding its use, particularly with the AI’s enhancements.

The Artifice Lady is ready to preserve the stress, and that’s miraculous contemplating the movie primarily takes place in a single room. The primary act is particularly intense, and the actors do a implausible job reacting to 1 one other, using sure ticks and different types of physique language and intonation to keep up the electrical energy because the thriller surrounding their assembly unravels. The story unfolds like a well-oiled stage play, restricted in its location, however carried by its centered and customarily sharp writing. You’ll by no means be bored watching it, and the discussions — largely moral in nature — are particularly prudent contemplating the rise of AI use.

Ritch’s script and characters are morally advanced. There are layers upon layers which can be itching to be peeled again. We’re aware about new data, secrets and techniques which can be hidden coming into the sunshine, because the movie progresses, breaking down the boundaries between the human and the artificially clever woman who’s on the whim of her creator. The Artifice Lady engages with debates about consciousness, what it means to have feelings and to function by utilizing them, the inherent biases which can be finally programmed into AI by the use of the people who created them, and whether or not the ends justify the means for such superior know-how, which walks a morally ambiguous line. The movie doesn’t have the solutions, however it leaves room for us to interact with such matters after watching.

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The movie is dialogue-heavy, pushed by characters having thought-provoking, electrifying conversations. In anybody else’s palms, The Artifice Lady may need failed in delivering such a wealthy, nuanced story, however Ritch understands that the pacing is every little thing. Not one of the story’s chapters linger longer than wanted, and the next acts solely construct on what got here earlier than with out retreading the identical floor. Contemplating that every act is ready a number of years after the final, it could have been simple for the dialogue to turn out to be repetitive, and even boring; the identical goes for the setting and character dynamics. However Ritch finds contemporary and thrilling angles for the story to progress, and it makes for an intriguing watch.

Whereas The Artifice Lady loses some steam by its remaining act, holding on to one of many greatest questions posed at the beginning of the movie for a bit too lengthy, the movie as an entire is great. There’s some nice character work, layered debates that can fascinate, and rigidity that ebbs and flows however by no means lets up. Ritch has a winner on his palms. As we glance to the longer term and AI’s place in it — what it may do for us, and the terrifying, typically unaddressed moral ambiguity it brings — The Artifice Lady offers an intensive, nuanced exploration that manages to be simply as fascinating as it’s intense.

The Artifice Lady releases in theaters, on demand, and digital Thursday, April 27. The movie is 93 minutes lengthy and never but rated.

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