Swear-tastic, Scattershot Comedy Falls Brief Of True Greatness


  • Depraved Little Letters is genuinely humorous.
  • The movie falls brief in exploring key themes for social commentary.
  • The film fails to reconcile gentle and darkish parts right into a cohesive narrative.

It would not take lengthy for Depraved Little Letters to set the tone. Throughout the opening few frames, a puce-faced Timothy Spall has unleashed a volley of invective that may disgrace a sailor, laying the groundwork for a spectacularly sweary 102 minutes. The method of revered British thespians serving up extra f-bombs than a Gordon Ramsay restaurant implies that Depraved Little Letters is undeniably humorous. But, as every diatribe makes use of ever-more ingenious cursing, the film more and more appears like a missed alternative.

When Edith and fellow residents start to obtain depraved letters filled with unintentionally hilarious profanities, foul-mouthed Rose is charged with the crime. The nameless letters immediate a nationwide uproar, and a trial ensues.


  • Depraved Little Letters is downright hilarious
  • The film has an excellent solid that actually delivers
  • The movie’s extreme profanity works inside the story

  • The movie falls flat with regards to delivering on social commentary
  • The story might have gone deeper
  • Its tone is not at all times balanced

Depraved Little Letters’ Stellar Forged Thrives With Coarse Comedy

Jessie Buckley and Olivia Colman are explicit highlights

Wicked Little Letters Olivia Colman looking shocked alongside an older woman

Depraved Little Letters is a curious mix of kinds and tales. Based mostly on the surprising true story of the Littlehampton Letters, the primary act establishes a thriller a couple of sequence of insulting correspondence delivered anonymously all through a sleepy neighborhood in post-war England. The chief suspect is Jessie Buckley’s Rose Gooding – an Irish immigrant whose brash persona continuously brings her into battle with the city’s extra conservative residents, together with Olivia Colman’s deeply non secular Edith Swan. On Edith’s testimony, Rose is imprisoned and castigated by the institution. But, as she protests her innocence, it turns into clear there’s extra to the story.

Regardless of being billed as a thriller, Depraved Little Letters‘ strengths have little to do with the story. The true wrongdoer behind the profane marketing campaign is apparent from the get-go, with affirmation coming about midway via the movie. As a substitute, the film succeeds because of the abilities of its stellar solid. Jessie Buckley is electrical, making Rose a likable, charismatic, and barely harmful presence. Likewise, Oscar-winner Olivia Colman delivers among the film’s most obscene language with real relish, made even funnier by her character’s puritanical persona.

Depraved Little Letters (2024)


Thea Sharrock

Launch Date

April 5, 2024


Olivia Colman
, Jessie Buckley
, Anjana Vasan
, Joanna Scanlan
, Gemma Jones
, Malachi Kirby
, Lolly Adefope
, Eileen Atkins
, Timothy Spall


100 Minutes


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The film is at its finest when the ensemble solid is allowed to totally take pleasure in an surprising torrent of cursing. The juxtaposition between quaint English sensibility and language that may make Joe Pesci in Goodfellas blush hardly ever fails to elicit a chuckle – even because it turns into more and more clear that that is the film’s solely actual joke. However whereas there are many laughs available, Depraved Little Letters falls in need of greatness, barely scratching the floor of what might have been a compelling social commentary – albeit with loads of “f*cks“.

Depraved Little Letters Fails To Unpack Its Greatest Themes

Wicked Little Letters supporting cast

The film makes passing reference to a number of key themes that, if explored correctly, might have elevated it past efficient insult comedy. Anjana Vasan’s Gladys Moss, for example, is the movie’s most attention-grabbing character – negotiating the patriarchal world of regulation enforcement as Littlehampton’s solely “girl police officer“. She might have been the proper car for the movie to delve deeper into the societal hypocrisies round gender, but it comes up frustratingly in need of including something significant to the discourse, relegating Moss to pursuing suspects Scooby-Doo-style round city.

The juxtaposition between quaint English sensibility and language that may make Joe Pesci in Goodfellas blush hardly ever fails to elicit a chuckle – even because it turns into more and more clear that that is the film’s solely actual joke.

Additional awkwardness comes from abrupt tonal shifts that sit uncomfortably with the film’s cheery tone. The connection between Timothy Spall’s Edward Swan and his daughter is so darkish that it borders on horrifying. Whereas Spall is great as ever, spending too lengthy in his firm transforms the movie from gleeful comedy to tense psychological thriller; it is a clumsy tightrope that Depraved Little Letters by no means actually manages to stroll. In the end, the film fails to uncover something substantive about Edward’s persona, aside from establishing him as a monster awkwardly skulking within the background.

In additional deft palms, Depraved Little Letters might have used the Littlehampton Letters scandal as a conduit for genuinely illuminating social commentary. In comparison with one thing like Armando Ianucci’s The Loss of life of Stalin, the movie by no means manages to successfully reconcile its gentle and darkish parts. As a substitute of working collectively, these disparate parts grate and jar, frustratingly failing to return collectively right into a single cohesive narrative. The film continues to be very humorous. However, past the letters themselves and its high quality solid, Depraved Little Letters falls in need of true comedy greatness.

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