White Offers a Fun Adventure Even New Fans Can Enjoy


  • Spy x Family CODE: White is an action-packed comedy that new fans can easily enjoy, with an exciting cinematic adventure for the Forger family.
  • The movie does a great job introducing the characters and story, blending spy elements with humor seamlessly for a thrilling and hilarious ride.
  • While the script may have some minor flaws in wrapping up certain plot points, fans and newcomers alike will find Spy x Family CODE: White a delightful and entertaining film.

Spy x Family CODE: White is finally here, and it’s a solid action comedy that even new fans can get behind and enjoy. The Forger family’s first cinematic adventure has officially released overseas following a record-setting box office campaign when it first premiered in Japan back in December. The series has become a major hit with fans worldwide, so anticipation for Loid, Yor and Anya’s first trip to the big screen was understandably high. Fortunately, the wait was absolutely worth it as CODE: White joins some of Spy x Family‘s best missions as one of the franchise’s best outings.

Directed by Takashi Katagiri, the film follows the Forger family as they venture to the snowy region of Frigis to find a recipe that Anya can handle so she can win a cooking competition. This gives the undercover family a chance to explore a new place together, even though Loid secretly goes just to ensure success with his mission to infiltrate Eden Academy. However, when Anya accidentally eats a chocolate containing critical information, she becomes the target of a mysterious foe that plunges the Forgers into an epic adventure in the midst of their family vacation.

With everything that fans have come to love about the series, CODE: White is a love-letter to fans of the show. However, it’s surprisingly welcoming for newcomers as well.

CODE: White is an Easily Accessible Spy x Family Story For New & Returning Fans

Nobody gets left behind in the narrative of the Forger’s feature-length adventureThe Forger Family Rides a Train in Spy x Family CODE: White

It can be difficult to adapt an ongoing show or manga to film because of how easy it is to lose those who aren’t familiar with the series it’s based upon. When the movie is made, it has to work with existing character development and arcs that have become important to the series, so it feels like it fits into the overarching storyline. However, CODE: White does an excellent job easing newcomers into the world of Spy x Family. The first ten minutes or so are dedicated to introducing who the Forgers are, why Loid created his undercover family and the things he must do to be successful in his mission.

From there, the film drops the audience into the story, and it’s an easy adventure to follow along. There’s a main plot following the spy angle of the series while also employing a fair amount of comedy that has given the series its sense of identity. When the two genres collide in the final act, it makes for an exciting ride that will leave audiences thrilled and laughing until the credits begin to roll.

There is a post-credits scene, so make sure to stay to the very end of the film.


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CODE: White Proves That Spy x Family Was Destined For the Big Screen

Everything fans love about the series is present in the film, and more apparent than ever

The most difficult part about bringing a TV series to the movies is making it feel big enough to warrant being seen in theaters without it feeling like an extended episode of the show itself. Spy x Family CODE: White succeeds in this regard because of its impressive animation and cinematography. Every scene throughout the film feels larger than life, whether the Forgers find themselves eating a meal in a small restaurant or engaging in a major action sequence on a burning blimp. The animation feels like it can’t be contained within the confines of a small screen, making it a must-watch in theaters if possible.

However, despite its large scale, the things fans loved about the characters are still on full display throughout the film’s runtime. Anya is as adorable as ever with her determination to help Loid with his missions without him noticing, while also having one of the best arcs in the film. Yor provides most of the comic relief and best action in CODE: White, bringing out some of her best moments that prove her to be one of anime’s most iconic heroines. Loid, meanwhile, continues to be a lovably serious dad who shows he cares more about the mission than the Forgers, but still has a soft spot for the family he’s found. Fans will absolutely leave this film happy seeing their favorite aspects of each character in theaters while upping the stakes.



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The Script For CODE: White is a Fun, Yet Flawed, Adventure

The film’s story is very fun, even if some moments feel underdeveloped

Anya Plays with Bond in the Snow

Screenwriter Ichirō Ōkouchi’s work on CODE: White is a massively entertaining story overall, but it’s also arguably the film’s weakest point. The main plot of the film itself is absolutely stellar. The stakes have been raised sky-high with various plot points threatening to upend the Forger family forever. When the film has some downtime in its second act, it paces itself incredibly well by using the family comedy angle that has made the Forgers so iconic. Even the final act is a ton of fun because of how bombastic it is with every member of the family having something to do.

The journey as a whole is undeniably the script’s greatest strength. It’s the way the story wraps up certain threads that can be a little underwhelming though. Sometimes an element that was introduced as being crucial to kicking off an aspect of the plot is wrapped up unceremoniously, making it a bit unsatisfying. These moments are thankfully few and far between, but when the film ends, fans can’t help but question how the script could have wrapped up a certain moment better.

Regardless of its few issues, Spy x Family‘s first big screen adventure is an absolute delight for fans of the series. The things they love about the franchise are all there with epic action sequences once Loid and Yor escape the façade of their marriage, while the humor that has made every character so endearing is just as present. However, the most impressive aspect of the film comes from it being able to reach out to those who have never seen an episode of the series and entertain them just as much as the hardcore fans. It’s an impressive feat, especially for the first film of a relatively new anime, and it makes Spy x Family CODE: White‘s big screen adventure just as entertaining for them as it is for those that keep up with the series.

Spy x Family CODE: White is now playing in theaters from Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures and Toho Animation

Spy X Family anime series poster

Spy x Family

Created by Tatsuya Endo, Spy X Family is an action-adventure comedy anime that follows the misadventures of a found family with unique quirks. The story follows spy Twilight (known as Loid Forger), who, while on assignment, builds a fake family to get closer to his target. Unbeknownst to him, his new family carries their quirks. His wife, Yor, is a kind but deadly assassin, while his daughter, Anya, has telepathic powers – and is the only one who knows their secrets.

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